The Art Strip allows you to have a picture hanging system hidden in modern recessed ceilings, which are often used in offices. It’s an innovative product develop by Artiteq in the Netherlands: not only does it provide an invisible picture hanging system, it also replaces the side strip used by builders when installing recessed ceilings. Instead the builder simply mounts the corner profile for the recessed ceiling to the Art Strip.

The Art Strip is installed at the same time as the recessed ceiling either during a new build or when renovation work is carried out. It saves on labour costs and materials, because it instantaneously provides a built-in picture hanging system. Once the project is complete, no need to install a wall-fixed picture hanging rail; as there’s already one hidden in the recessed ceiling.

The Art Strip adds extra value to any building project by allowing you to hang your pictures wherever you want without destroying your pristine, new walls. Just insert Twister hanging wires with MicroGrip hooks on them into the Art Strip and then hang up the pictures you love.

The Basics

  • Rail width: 300cm,depth: 18mm, height: 45mm
  • 2 colours: black and white.
  • Built-in/wall-fixed.Replaces the side-strip when installing recessed ceilings.
  • Mount your corner profile to the art strip.
  • For ceiling tiles ceilings with drywall or masonry walls.
  • All you see of the hanging rail is a shadowline.
  • Weight capacity up to 50kg per metre
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product number: 05.08310
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