Picture Hanging System used to hang posters

Do you receive a lot of cards? Looking for a fun way to hang and display them? We have many solutions for different types of rooms such as kitchens, children’s rooms, or a playroom or workshop. It’s easy to hang Christmas cards, birth announcements, birthday cards or any other cards in an organised way thanks to the Info Rail and the Info Strip.

Hanging cards in a care or educational institution or at the office

Products such as the Info Rail are also used in project settings in the care or educational sector. This product is ideal fordisplaying cards or other documents in patients’ rooms in a care institution or hospital.

In the educational sector, the Info Rail is perfect for classrooms and school corridors as it contributes to a tidy school where drawings, cards, Christmas cards and other documents are hung in a neat, organised manner. Its flexibility is one of the reasons this is system particularly popular; the objects hung on the rails may be changed quickly and easily.

Are you looking for a solution for hanging cards in a project setting? Give us a call – we would be happy to provide you with customised advice.