Picture Hanging System used to hang artworks

Hanging drawings in your home, in the kitchen or children’s room for example, is not always easy. If you don’t want to damage the walls and are tired of having to use tape and thumbtacks, Artiteq has a few display systems that are ideal for displaying drawings. These hanging systems offer a clean, tidy solution for hanging drawings. The Artiteq Info Rail and the Info Strip are your best options.

Hanging drawings in residential care centres, educational institutions or at the office

Are you looking for a way to hang large drawings or documents within the context of a project design? The Info Rail’s flexibility makes it convenient for displaying and sharing information in the office. It is ideal for displaying new, rotating informationsuch as documents, plans, drawings and photos. It allows you to create a tidy, efficient and flexible display.

The Info Rail is often used in residential care and educational institutions. This system means no more damaged walls from thumbtacks, tape and Velcro: changing information or training material is fast and easy. It’s the ideal tool to convey a school or centre’s creativity by rotating the display of paintings, drawings, photos, information in rooms or corridors.

It’s a one-time investment with long-term advantages.