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Micro Grip 2 mm 20 kg

Micro Grip 2 mm 20 kg


30.41200 Micro Grip 2 mm 20 kg

  • To be used with 2 mm diameter hanging wires
  • Suits both steel and Perlon hanging wires
  • Combined with Perlon hanging wire – maximum weight capacity 20 kg, 40 kg per pair
  • Combined with Stainless-Steel hanging wire – maximum weight capacity 20 kg, 40 kg per pair


The Micro Grip Hook is made for hanging pictures on a picture hanging wire. It’s easy to use:

Putting the Hook on the Wire: Slide the wire through the small hole at the top of the hanging wire. Push it all the way through until it comes out of the bottom.

Moving the Hook Up: To move the hook higher up the wire, pull the wire down a bit with one hand and push the hook up with your other hand. The hook won’t slide down by itself because it locks in place.

Moving the Hook Down: If you want to move the hook lower, just pinch the top and bottom of the hook together. This unlocks it, so you can slide it down the wire.

Once you’ve placed the hook at the desired height, you can hang your picture on it. The hook holds onto the wire securely, keeping your picture in place.

For hanging a picture, it’s best to use two hooks and wires for each picture. This ensures safety and stability. Additionally, it’s advisable to slide the hooks into D-rings attached close to the top of the back of the picture. This method is preferable to attaching the hooks directly to a wire or cord at the back of the picture, as it provides better support.

The Micro Grip Hook, a new generation hook by Artiteq, is perfect for hanging pictures. It’s made from high-quality plastic reinforced with fiberglass, making it lightweight and easy to use. This design uses 70% fewer materials than previous hooks, offering ecological benefits.

Artiteq has rigorously tested the Micro Grip hooks to ensure their quality. They have developed quality assurance procedures in collaboration with TÜV Nederland, and the execution of these procedures is supervised by TÜV Nederland. This ensures that the Micro Grip Hook is not only innovative but also reliable and safe for hanging your pictures.