Picture Hanging System by Hang Logic

How to Hang Photos in Different Sized Frames

Are you keen to hang photos in different size frames on your walls? That’s called a Salon Hang.

The Click Rail or the Deco Rail is ideal for that. You’ll be able to hang multiple pictures evenly, or oddly, with zero stress. Even better if you don’t like it once it’s done-it’s easy to redo.

Using a picture hanging system save you time and energy. Best of all it’s an excellent way to hang photos you love and be inspired by them all day, every day. Why doesn’t everyone do this!?

Here’s a secret. Not even a professional art gallery curator  knows in advance how to best hang an exhibit. You can’t know in advance if 16 pictures you think will look fantastic hung in a certain pattern on your wall really will. You won’t be able to tell that until they are actually hanging up there.

A golden rule for hanging photos is to keep experimenting with different layouts until you’re totally happy.

And that’s what a picture hanging system allows you to do.

  1. You can move the hanging wires to the left or to the right along your hanging rail
  2. You can move the hooks you have inserted onto the hanging wire up and down the hanging wire.

This means you can hang photos anywhere you like on your walls.

So…just do it!

How to Hang Photos Without Frames

Do you have a big pile of photos in a box? Then you might want a clever way to display them. The Info Rail or the Info Strip would be perfect.

How to Hang a Photo Wall

Would you like to create a photo wall in your office without turning it into a wall that is destroyed by nails, screws and holes? You could use the Click Rail Pro.

Hanging Photos Can Be a Cinch

Our Artiteq picture hanging systems have solutions for all the above. Hanging photo frames is a cinch when you use a hanging rail with hanging wires and hooks. You can hang a framed photo in the blink of an eye. Even better, you can quickly and easily change the photos on your wall whenever you want. And you’ll never have to drill another hole.