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Shadowline Drywall White

  • Dimensions: width: 250cm, depth: 13.5mm, height: 14mm
  • Suits all construction types; all you need is a top beam to attach the track to.
  • It’s an integrated, built-in picture hanging rail, installed at the same time as a recessed ceiling.
  • Fix the Shadowline Drywall picture hanging rail in the same location as the P50 trim.
  • All you see is a shadow line – the Artiteq Shadowline Drywall art track is hidden and ‘invisible’.
  • Picture hanging wires are suspended directly from the ceiling.
  • Weight-bearing is 20kg per meter.
  • 10yr guarantee – a sustainable Artiteq product
  • Find out more here
  • Product numbers: 05.08400 – for 10mm ceiling lining & 05.08420 – for 13mm ceiling lining

05.08400 Shadowline drywall white 10 mm 250cm – $61.52
05.08420 Shadowline drywall white 13 mm 250cm – $63.33

A number of architects and builders in Australia are choosing the integrated art hanging systems by Artiteq for their projects, such as healthcare facilities. Did you know that Arts can have a huge impact on patients’ health? This is what we discovered

Did you know that built-in picture hanging systems are ideal if you have bulkheads and/or shadow line ceilings? Find Out Why Here

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