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Micro Grip Lock 2mm

Micro Grip Lock 2mm


30.41250 Micro Grip Lock 2mm 20kg

  • When security and safety is important
  • Hook has sliding lock mechanism to make your pictures hard to remove
  • Use it with 2mm Perlon/nylon or Stainless Steel hanging wires
  • Combined with Perlon cable – maximum weight capacity 20kg, 40kg per pair
  • Combined with Stainless-Steel cable – maximum weight capacity 20kg, 40kg per pair


The 2mm Artiteq Micro Grip Lock hook’s locking mechanism gives you extra protection.  It prevents people easily removing your picture ( or sculpture) or accidentally knocking it off the hook. It’s ideal in a public setting – in a school, a lobby, a gallery, a library, a hospital or a business.

Once you know the trick, it’s simple to lock and unlock – you press the lock on both sides and slide it up. To lock it just slide it down – the photo on this page shows how.

All Artiteq Micro Grip hooks (there is also a hook for the 1mm hanging wires and a non-locking hook for the 2mm hanging wires) have auto-grip clamping mechanisms. This patented mechanism  grips the hanging wire only in the downward direction. This means, you can easily slide the hook up the hanging wire: pull down on the cable with one hand and push the hook up with the other hand. This makes it very easy to position you picture just where you want it – no tedious screwing!

This self-locking mechanism prevents the hook from sliding down the hanging wire on its own accord. To lower your hook you pinch the plunger top and the bottom of the hook together and then it will slide  down the hanging wire.

To insert the hook onto the hanging wire you feed the wire into the hole on the plunger top of the hook. Then push the hanger through the hook body and out through the bottom of the hook. Too easy!

The hook is made of high quality plastic and is reinforced with fibreglass – this is a 70% reduction in material use in comparison to previous generations of hooks. It’s maximum load capacity is 20kg.

The Artiteq Micro Grip Lock hook has been granted TÜV  product certification, which is a proof of it’s high quality and reliability. These hooks, like all Artiteq products are subject to strict quality control and have a 10 year warranty.