Info Rail by Artiteq

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There are two types of presentation systems:

Both have the Artiteq triple rubber clamping mechanism which allows you to slip paper or cardboard into the rail for immediate, mess-free display. Out with the old and in with the new in just seconds.

Hang Logic has installed these two display systems in homes, offices, residential care centres, galleries, studios, preschools and schools. They are popular in Europe but still quite unknown in Australia.

The Benefits

Sick of pupil’s creations piling up on your desk? Over blue tac, string and pegs and messy pinboards? The Artiteq Info rail is a quick easy way for you or your students to display work.

Office managers:
Do you have a messy pile of notes on your desk? Get some clarity by hanging them up for an overview.

Hospitals, Residential Care:
Would you like your patients to feel more ‘at home’? This system lets every new client surround him/herself with family photos and drawings by their grandkids.

Do you have many an unframed poster, photo, photocopy, sketch, postcard and Valentine’s day card piling up in drawers, boxes, plastic bags and cupboards? You can get them and change the around easily out from time to time and bathe in those memories.

Do you have children or grandchildren who love to paint and draw? Then you probably receive their creations. Children want their drawings acknowledged and it’s thrilling and fulfilling to see their artwork displayed. Take down the old and put up the new in seconds.

Are you constantly developing new ideas and striving to optimise processes? Having those ideas you’re developing in plain sight brings clarity and inspiration. The Artiteq Info rail and Info strip are a simple, classy and speedy alternative to messy blue tack and pinboards.

Info Rail by Artiteq