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Twister 1 mm

Twister 1 mm

  • Artiteq’s innovation, the thinnest cable on the market, 1mm thick, almost invisible yet safe and strong.
  • Easy to use: insert it anywhere into your hanging rail, turn it 90° and then gently pull it.
  • Perlon (transparent nylon) cables – maximum weight capacity 5kg, 10kg per pair – combine with 1mm Micro Grip hook
  • Stainless-Steel drops – maximum weight capacity 10kg, 20kg per pair – combine with 1mm Micro Grip hook
  • We have Perlon/nylon and stainless-steel cables in lengths from 150cm-300cm.
  • Best to use 2 hanging wires per picture for safety and stability.

Twister 1 mm Perlon (Reinforced Nylon – Transparent)

  • 30.21150 Twister 1 mm Perlon 150 cm – $6.25
  • 30.21200 Twister 1 mm Perlon 200 cm – $6.66
  • 30.21300 Twister 1 mm Perlon 300 cm – $7.37

Twister 1 mm Stainless Steel

  • 30.22150 Twister 1 mm Steelwire 150 cm – $11.90 
  • 30.22200 Twister 1 mm Steelwire 200 cm – $12.43
  • 30.22300 Twister 1 mm Steelwire 300 cm – $13.19
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The Artiteq Twister (aka hanger, cord, dropper, cable, line, hanging wire) is easy to use.
Just insert it anywhere into your picture hanging rail, turn it 90° and then gently pull it. This means you can install your rail wall to wall, without needing to leave a gap between rail and wall to insert the hanger (such as the solid slider).

What to choose – Perlon or stainless-steel hangers?

Perlon is a type of synthetic fibre known for its strength and durability. It’s a trade name for a specific kind of nylon-6, which is a polyamide made from a single monomer, caprolactam, through a ring-opening polymerization.

Perlon Cords:

: Perlon is nearly transparent, offering a discreet way to hang artworks.
Lightweight: Ideal for smaller or lighter pieces, where heavy-duty support isn’t necessary.
Price: Cheaper than stainless steel.

Durability: Prolonged exposure to light can make Perlon cords brittle, stiffer and less transparent.
Physical Wear: Over time, especially under constant weight the hooks, especially if they are adjusted frequently or bear significant weight, can create ridges or grooves in the dropper. These ridges are weak points where the cord is more likely to fail.
Lesser Load Capacity: Perlon is not as strong as stainless steel. A 1mm Perlon Twister cable combined with the Micro Grip 1mm hook has a maximun weight bearing of 5kg (1mm steel Twister cable has 10kg max)

We recommend regular inspections of Perlon cords, especially in environments with high light exposure and frequent rotation of pictures. Perlon hangers should be periodically replaced to ensure the safety and integrity of the hung artworks.

Steel Cords:

Durability: Stainless steel is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for long-term use.
Strength: It can support heavier artworks without stretching or breaking. A 1mm steelwire Twister dropper combined with the Micro Grip 1mm hook has a maximum weight bearing of 10kg. For safety and stability best to use 2 hooks and cables per picture; then with this combination you can hang pieces as heavy as 20kg.
Resistance to Environmental Factors: Stainless steel is less prone to degradation from light exposure and doesn’t become brittle over time. It maintains its appearance and structural integrity over many years.

Visibility: Stainless steel is more visible than Perlon, which might detract from the aesthetic of the artwork. However, for a modern look steel cords are very appealing.
Price: the steel Twister cord is more expensive than the nylon line.

In summary, the choice between stainless steel and Perlon cords depends on the specific needs of the artwork and the display environment. Stainless steel offers strength and durability, while Perlon provides a more discreet and aesthetically pleasing option for lighter artworks. Regular maintenance and inspection are recommended for both types to ensure the safety and integrity of the displayed pieces.