Picture Hanging System by Hang Logic

Want to hang paintings with damaging your walls? Are you looking for an easy, fast and elegant way to show off your paintings? Perhaps you would like to simply hang one large painting on your living room wall or several smaller ones next to each other. It’s hard to know in advance at what height artwork should be hung. There are of course guidelines, for example, that the middle of the painting should be at eye height. But then you may wonder ‘at whose eye height’ – at the height of my 190cm tall girlfriend or my 165cm tall brother?

Experience has shown that the best way to determine the right height is by experimenting with hanging them at different heights thereby determining exactly what you prefer. Our Artiteq hanging system gives you that flexibility: it takes just a few seconds to hang paintings higher or lower or to the left or right and best of all you don’t have to drill another hole in your wall to do it.

Have a go at a Salon Hang

Perhaps you’d like to have a try at creating a Salon Hang – many paintings of different sizes that filled the entire wall. The effect you thereby create, the overall value of the display is often more than the sum of its parts. Salon hangs allows you to tell a story.

An Artiteq art hanging system offers plenty of solutions for all these situations. Hanging paintings is very easy when you use a hanging rail with hanging wires and hooks. You can hang art in seconds, and you always have the flexibility to change the frames on the wall or add new ones.