How to hang diplomas with a picture hanging system

Is hanging diplomas in your office tasteless & overambitious?

No way! It makes sense to highlight your achievements & successes along with those of your colleagues. Your diplomas show clients your credentials and indicate your professionalism. Hanging them up reveals the function and purpose of your office too – a space dedicated to hard work, meetings and research. Check out these Whirlpool comments.

What’s the best way to hang  diplomas?

Framed diplomas

If your diplomas are all the same size hang them either in a straight row or in a square or rectangular pattern. If you are hanging them in a single office, hang them behind your desk and chair. If you’re hanging many diplomas, for example those of all your staff members, perhaps even with photos of your colleagues, hang them in your corridor or a waiting room.

If your diplomas are different sizes create a salon hang i.e. a group of pictures that is both higher and lower than your standard eye-level single row.

If you’d like to make the job easy for yourself, install a picture hanging rail. Why is this easier? Because the D-rings and strings or wires attached to the back of frames are rarely at the same level. This means that you have to calculate the distance from your nail or screw to the point from where it will hang for each frame. And if you get those measurements wrong, which happens to almost everyone, you’ll end up making many holes in your walls before you get it right- tedious and time-consuming to do and not a nice look!

Using a picture rail makes it an easy and rapid job because you attach your frame to a hook and a hanging wire and both of these are easily adjustable. The hanging wires are adjustable in the horizontal plane and the hooks in the vertical plane. This means you can hang your diplomas anywhere you want on your wall and it’s a cinch. You could choose either the Click Rail or the Click Rail Pro .

Even better, you can keep adding or subtracting diplomas easily and quickly. This one off investment will keep sharing its fruits.

Unframed diplomas

If you don’t want to damage your walls and are sick of Blu tack and thumbtacks, choose a display systems that is ideal for displaying documents. These hanging systems offer a clean, aesthetically pleasing solution for hanging diplomas, documents, drawings and maps. The Artiteq Info Rail, and Info Strip are A great solution if you’d like to hang unframed documents.

What order should I hang my diplomas in?

If you are only hanging your own diplomas hang them in order of importance from left to right. Or choose a square or rectangular format with the most important ones on top.

If you are hanging all the staff members diplomas, you could hang them in order of seniority or according to how long they have been working for the business.