An elegant and unobtrusive picture hanging system that makes it a cinch to hang and rearrange your photos, painting, prints and any hang-able object you desire.

You can DIY mount the Click Rail Pro on your wall or  hire an installer to do it for you. It can be installed at any height on the wall, even against the ceiling and if installed directly below your cornice it becomes unnoticeable as it appears to be part of it.

By twisting or sliding hanging wires with picture hooks into the rail, you have the flexibility to hang your wall decorations anywhere you like.

This art track is the professional version of the Click Rail: it has a higher weight capacity (up to 50kg per metre) which allows you to hang heavier artwork or mirrors.  The Click Rail Pro art track can be mounted so that the sliders of the hanging wires are hidden.

The Basics

  • Rail width: 2 or 3 metres (200cm/2000mm or 300cm/3000mm); height: 37.5mm (3.75cm); depth: 9.5mm (0.95cm)
  • 2 rail colours: white primer (cold white, rail can also be painted to match your walls, cornice or ceiling), brushed aluminium.
  • Wall fixed: suitable for plaster cornices, shadowline recesses and square set ceilings.
  • The metal tip of the hanging wire can be hidden behind the rail.
  • Maximum weight: 50kg per metre
  • Fastener kit contains ‘Click and Connect’ clips toattach the rail to your wall (3 per metre) with required plugs and screws; 2 end caps.
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product numbers: 05.05320, 05.05330, 05.05420, 05.05430
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