Hanging Systems at Work at Cowell Clark – Adelaide Lawyers

Every four months this law firm uses their nifty Artiteq hanging system to exhibit new artworks by South Australian artists.

Private Home

MRI tests show that when you look at art you like – be it a landscape, a still life, an abstract or a portrait – there is up to a 10% increase in the part of the brain related to pleasure.


The vibrancy of the displays is complementary to ANZ’s modern premises, and the rotating nature of exhibits ensures the environment is always dynamic – a stimulating place to hold customer meetings and presentations.

Accru Harris Orchard

Accru Harris Orchard supports businesses not only though accounting, bookkeeping & tax services but also by providing an inspiring, artistic office environment. The Artiteq hanging rails Hang Logic installed allow them to regularly change the South Australian art they display and delight their clients.

Brighton High School

Brighton High School, one of Adelaide’s top public schools, teaches studentsto problem solve and think creatively so promoting their artistic expression is an absolute must. That’s why they tasked Hang Logic to install the Artiteq Click Rail Pro hanging system in their premises.

Edmund Barton Chambers

Edmund Barton Chambers decided to install Artiteq picture tracks so they could spice up their magnificent historic building with some contemporary South Australian art. They work with Art Logic – ,an Adelaide based arts business, that sells and rents South Australian art.

Finlaysons- Adelaide Lawyers

Finlaysons, a leading commercial law firm in Adelaide, have a magnificent light-filled reception that lent itself to exhibiting pictures. They wanted to showcase different artwork every few months so installing an Artiteq picture hanging system was an obvious choice.

Kingsford Hotel

The Kingsford Hotelopened for business in 1851 and still operates fromits original South Australian historic building. Hang Logic installed an Artiteq Click Rail hanging system for them and painted it the same colour as their walls so that it would blend in with their magnificent dining room.

Perks – Accountants and Wealth Advisors

Perks Accountants believe in building strong relationships and taking leadership within the South Australian community. That they exhibit art created by professional Adelaide artists is an expression of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Their Artiteq picture hanging system is a handy tool.

Starcom Mediavest

Starcom Mediavest define themselves as the Human Experience Company. They create experiences people love and part of that was made possible by installing Artiteq Art tracks. Staff and customers were entranced by the art they leased for their office through Art Logic – a South Australian Art Rental business.