Picture Hanging System used to hang heavy objects

We tend to stick to the conventional, but with Artiteq hanging systems there’s no need to restrict ourselves. With a little imagination, we can mount virtually anything as a piece of art and surprise our friends, family or clients with our innovative spirit.

Hanging musical instruments

We’ve had clients hang musical instruments using a series of parallel top rails mounted to the ceiling with Perlon cables hanging down from them. Ratchet hooks allow you to place the instruments anywhere along the cable to create an almost floating effect.

Hanging shoes

Another client used the Artiteq top rail hanging system to display shoes in her shoe shop.

Hanging handbags and chairs

My daughter uses the Click Rail Pro to hang her large collection of handbags. Another client uses the click rail to display the chairs their company sells.

What else can you hang?

What about that fabulous collection of crystal glasses and vases that you inherited from Grandma? Have you ever considered using them to create a stunning centrepiece in your hallway, where the sun strikes through and forms fabulous prisms on the surrounding walls? We can install a ceiling fixed hanging system for you using multiple wires and hooks at differing heights to create a display Grandma would be proud of.

In a nutshell – with an Artiteq hanging system there’s no end to your creativity