The Card Rail is a clever way to display photos in small spaces without frames. Click here for summary

Groan’: Most of us have a box of photos stacked away that we tell ourselves we will get around to organising and displaying one day. In accordance with the principle ‘out of sight, out of mind’ we forget about it. But from time to time that niggling feeling makes its way to the surface of one’s consciousness with thoughts like : OMG  I really should hang those photos up.

Why display photos?

Because photos consolidate our memories and by displaying photos of the past with a positive connotation, we make ourselves happy. These printed photos capture a specific moment in time and allow us to relive that cherished experience again and again.

What stops us tackling the task? It seems too hard -that job lands in in the too hard basket because doing it seems like this immense undertaking that we don’t know exactly how to do and it feels like it will take far too much time.

There may be a seemingly more objective reason for procrastination: the belief that we just don’t have enough space. Either we already have so much on our walls already, or we live in a small apartment with small narrow walls.

The Basics

  • White rail: width: 3cm depth:1cmheight: 100cm
  • Wall-fixed, mounted vertically to wall by clicking the rail onto 2 clips
  • Slide cards, photos and other documents into both sides of the strip and attach items to the front with magnets.
  • Space-saving – fits on narrow sections of wall
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product number: 5.49100, 5.49200, 5.49300, 5.48100,5.48200,5.48300
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