Picture Hanging System by Hang Logic

We all want to hang our pictures beautifully and safely. Choosing an Artiteq picture hanging system is a good decision that guarantees benefits for the long term. A picture hanging system includes a rail that you mount to a wall or ceiling, and hanging wires and hooks.

This is how it works: Clips are fastened to the wall, and then you simply mount the rail to the wall by clicking it onto the clips.
The hanging wires may be clicked onto or slid into the rail wherever you like, which means you are totally flexible when it comes to hanging and rehanging wall decorations.

The hanging rail as an eye-catcher or invisible

You have the option of allowing a rail to act as an eye-catcher by choosing a rail in aluminium that you mount to a white wall.
Most clients, however, want the rail to be as inconspicuous as possible. In that case, choose a white rail for a white wall, or the primer version of the rail which can be repainted the same colour as the wall or ceiling.

Then best to choose a hanging system that can be mounted flush against the ceiling or if you are in the midst of renovations or a new build you could integrate your hanging system into your ceiling thereby making it completely invisible.

You can also choose from a variety of accessories for the rail. A Perlon hanging wire is transparent and practically invisible on the wall. Steel hanging wires, on the other hand, have a sleek, industrial look that may be just perfect for your interior. They are also more durable.

The hooks are slid onto the hanging wires and can be easily adjusted on the wire at whatever height you like.