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Shadowline Masonry White


05.08430 Shadowline Masonry White 13 mm 250cm

  • usage: suited for new builds or renovations
  • Dimensions: width: 250cm, depth: 34,5mm, height: 28.5mm
  • colour: powder coated finish in vivid white with an acrylic setting compound binder
  • wall fixed: 20 kg linear metre weight load capacity,
  • fixing type:  choose your own fixings to suit the wall construction type
  • installation staging:
    – install post render/wall finish before installation of the suspended ceiling structure
    – can be installed in plasterboard wall lining scenarios when wall linings have been installed before suspended ceiling structure e.g. fire, rated construction
  • installation options: install as a cornice or a feature section with a square set/P 50 trim ends where the artwork is hung
  • gap size:  13 mm
  • aesthetics: the 2.5 mm setting edge at the bottom of the real lip provides sufficient coverage to hide the rail extrusion
  • maximum weight: 20 kg per linear metre
  • hanger sets:  hooks and hanging wires can be ordered by the end-user with the weight of the artwork to be hung is known
  • hanging wires: insert twisters (1 mm  or 2 mm wide twister head hanging wires) anywhere along the hanging rail track
  • hooks: choose hooks by your weight requirements (1 mm micro grip hook or 2 mm micro grip hook, ratchet hook, or frame hanger)

Homeowners, landlords and property owners (apartment blocks and commercial office blocks) love Artiteq’s built-in hanging rails because they are invisible. These integrated art tracks are regularly specified by top Australian architects and installed by Australia’s best builders for upmarket homes and offices. Learn More Here Why.
These built-in hanging rails are unique to Artiteq and are not manufactured or stocked by other picture-hanging suppliers, art shops or do it yourself/hardware shops.

  • Shadowline Masonry 13mm: to suit 13mm or 10mm thick plasterboard

Price: $67.98 


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