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Mini Hook 4 kg


9.4205 Mini Hook 4 kg

  • 4 kg light weight screw fixed hook suitable for frames less than A4 size
  • Use with 2 mm hanging wires
  • Not to be used in public spaces – OHS risk if not properly tightened.
  • No self-locking mechanism, needs to be thumb tightened


This is the cheapest hook. It’s fiddly to use as instead of the self-locking mechanism the other hooks have it has a screw lock. But if your budget is tight and your artwork isn’t too heavy it’s a viable option. We recommend that you use two hanging wires and hooks for each artwork.

Hanging your picture with just one hanging wire may be cost efficient but it’s not the safest method. The artwork can easily tip out of level and possibly slide off if bumped by a passer-by or blown by a breeze. With two hangers and hooks the artwork stays level and hangs flatter against the wall.

Slipping the two hooks into D-rings makes adjusting the artwork to get it level easy. With just one hanger affixed to the wire at the back of the picture, it’s hard to get the picture straight as the hook slides on the wire.