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Wall Hook

  • Partition wall hooks are available in 16 mm, 21 mm & 31 mm white
  • Partition wall hooks have a 15 kg capacity. Perfect for temporary exhibitions partition walls, wall panels and office cubicles.
  • You can use them to hang artworks on heritage-listed wood paneled walls, and modern textile partition walls.
  • Combine the partition wall hook with a solid slider hanger and a micro grip 2 mm hook or a ratchet hook for a hanging set.
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The wall hook offers a solution for hanging paintings, prints, photos or posters on wall panels, partitions, doors and cornices when it isn’t possible or permitted to hang picture rails in your room. Hang your partition hook over the top of a wall and combine it with a solid slider hanging wire that is fitted with a ratchet hook or a 2mm micro grip hook. This allows you to create a complete picture hanging system in no time, but without needing an aluminium picture hanging rail or art track like our click rail or click rail pro. This makes it easy to hang and move a variety of wall decorations and you won’t need any tools to do it.

Want to get creative outdoors? Hang partition hooks over your fence and decorate your fence with wall sculptures and other fun objects.

You can also use the partition hook as an office cubicle hook.
Cubicles as such are bare and have an anonymous vibe. Perhaps you want to add a bit more personalty to the space you spend a lot of your time in and make it welcoming and cozy. Use the partition hook with a hanger fitted with a ratchet hook to hang pictures that make you smile. You can attach the hook to the back of your photos or artwork.
Or decorate your office cubicle with a hanging plant or hang your coat, your top hat or your umbrella from the partition hook.