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End cap Click Rail Pro white


Artiteq number: 9.412

Click the End cap Click Rail Pro white on to the ends of your art track for an elegant finish when not installing your picture hanging rails wall to wall.

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The End Cap Click Rail Pro White – What Is It?

The end cap Click Rail Pro white is the end cap that has been manufactured by Artiteq to fit on to both ends of the white Click Rail Pro picture hanging rail. It covers up the aluminium edge of the art track, thereby giving it an elegant finish.

When Should I Use End Caps?

There are two different ways to install a picture hanging rail.

You can either install your rail the entire length of your wall (if your wall is longer than 3 m you would then join several rails together) so that it butts against your two adjacent walls. If you have a cornice, you can install the rail directly below the cornice, making it look like a part of the cornice so that it pretty much disappears. If you choose this method you won’t require end caps.

Alternatively, you can install your art track only where you want to hang your pictures. Then it won’t run the entire length of the wall. In this case you would use to end caps, clicking one onto both ends of the picture rail.

Your picture hanging rail may end on a corner. If this corner has a perpendicular wall without an art track mounted to it an end cap clicked on to the end of the rail will give you a more aesthetic finish.

Are There Different Types of End Caps?

End caps come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the various types of wall-fixed Artiteq picture hanging rails.

Are End Caps Already Included in The Picture Hanging Rail Install Kits?

Yes, two end caps are always included both in the 2 m and the 3m Click Rail Pro white install kit . However, sometimes you might want to buy them separately. If you cut your rail into several pieces, then you may want to have each picture rail neatly finished with end caps. In this case you would buy additional end caps separately.

Can I Paint the End Cap Click Rail Pro White?

The Click Rail Pro white picture hanging rail has a primed finish. This means you can either leave it as it is – it has a cold white finish similar to ceiling white – or you can paint it. If you choose to pay debt best also to paint the end caps the same colour. We recommend using the spray paint that you can buy from Bunnings for this purpose.