Protect your walls & reduce forward tilt. You can stick these frame spacers to the back of your stretched canvas or frame.
Best to position these spacers on both the top and the bottom bottom of your frame. They will push your art piece slightly forward, thereby reducing tilting.

We have to types of frame spacers:
1. A 20x20x15mm square-shaped spacer made of dark grey self-adhesive foam; suitable for larger artworks, prints or framed photographs.
2. A 12.5×12.5×7.5mm square-shaped spacer made of transparent self-adhesive plastic; suitable for smaller artworks, prints or framed photographs.

The 20x20x15mm foam spacer is a little thicker. Both frame spacers are made from soft materials thereby stop hard sections of your frame form damaging your walls.
You can use these in conjunction with picture hanging rails, twister hanging wires and micro-grip hooks.

To find more tips on how to prevent frames from tilting forwards follow this link on Artiteq’s website.