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Heavy Duty Hanger Kits

Heavy Duty Hanger Kits

Heavy Duty Hanger Kits allow you to hang your heavy paintings, sculptures, mirrors, etc. from an Artiteq picture rail.

The maximum weight you can hang from all of these kits is 40Kg!

Three versions are available:

Heavy Duty Hanger Kit – Classic

The entry-level version is perfect to suit most heavy-duty applications.

The Solid Slider wire is inserted/removed only from one end of the rail. Removing this wire anywhere into the rail is impossible, which provides greater safety. The Micro Grip Hook Lock has an additional locking feature that secures your artwork against thefts.


Heavy Duty Hanger Kit – Flat Hanging

The Frame Hangers further restrict the degrees of freedom of the object you hand, thus encouraging a “flat to the wall” hang.


Heavy Duty Hanger Kit – Extreme

This is the ultimate solution for those who need nothing but the best. The Frame Hanger Plates offer an even sturdier interface between the picture hanging system and your frame.


Please note: rail(s) are NOT included in the Kit.

Looking for a rail to match? Check Artiteq Click Rail PRO here

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Heavy Duty Hanger Kits: How to Use It?

Perhaps you have a heavy artwork you have always wanted to hang, but a few practical issues are blocking your plans:

  • What if I want to hang a heavy painting (say between 30- 40Kg)? Will a couple of traditional wall hooks hold?

All our Art Installers agree: the best way to have your artworks, mirrors, photos, plants etc. displayed on the wall is to invest in a modern, high-quality hanging system.  Learn how in our latest article.

We recommend using the Heavy Duty Hanger Kits in combination with Artiteq Click Rail PRO. This rail has a loadbearing capacity of up to 50Kg/meter. That means you’ll be able to hang objects weighing up to 50Kg, in each rail meter.

Looking for something more than just a rail?

Check out the awesome Artiteq Click Rail Pro Light. This rail combines integrated lighting with an appreciable loadbearing capacity of 50Kg/m. Learn more about Artiteq Click Rail Pro lighting in our latest article.

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Heavy Duty Hanger Kit

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