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End cap Click Rail white


Use the end cap Click Rail white for a neat finish when not installing wall to wall.

Artiteq number: 9.4105

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The End Cap Click Rail White – What Is It?

The end cap Click Rail white is a clever invention by Artiteq that was made to fit on the ends of their popular picture hanging rail, giving an elegant finish. It covers up those pesky aluminium edges that give away its true function and turns a plain track into something with style!

When Should You Use End Caps?

There are two approaches when it comes to installing picture hanging rails.

If you want to install your rail the entire length of your wall you can join together multiple rails. Your picture hanging rail will then butt against the two adjacent walls.
If you have cornices, and want your picture hanging rail to be almost unnoticeable in its design, you can mount your rail directly beneath your existing cornices. If you choose this approach and install your art track wall-to-wall, you won’t need any end caps.

A different approach, is to only mount your picture hanging rail only where you want to hang your pictures. Then it will only run along part of your wall. In this case you would use to end caps, clicking one onto both ends of the picture rail.

If you mount your picture hanging rail so that it ends on a corner which has a perpendicular wall click your end on to the end of the rail to give it a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

How Do You Attach the End Cap?

End caps are easy to fit on to the end of any length of  your Click Rail. They are simple and quick to install with no tools required.

Do I Need to Extra End Caps If I Buy the Click Rail + Install Kit?

Two end caps are included in the Click Rail white install kit but you can also buy them separately. If you cut your rail into smaller pieces, instead of leaving the aluminium edge uncovered add some end caps for a neater finish.

Should You Paint the End Caps?

If you paint your rails and would like the end caps to be the same colour by some paint that is formulated for painting plastic.