Introduction: Droppers , Hooks and Art Hanging Systems

We have discussed in many of our past blogs the incredible flexibility of the Artiteq picture hanging systems. Everyone from professional art installers to architects and private house owners love this amazing solution for hanging artworks and decorating the interiors of their buildings.

Why is that?

Because it is simple, affordable, elegant, and long lasting. A picture hanging system is composed of only 3 elements:

  • An aluminium rail
  • A set of droppers, also commonly referred to as “hangers”
  • A set of hooks

In this article, we will look at the different types of droppers in the Artiteq range, and clarify which hanger best suits each application.

Droppers: What Are They?

In a picture hanging system, a dropper or hanger is the flexible cable which connects the aluminium rail with the hook(s). This important part of the system ensures that:

  • The load (weight) is transferred from the hook (which holds the artwork) to the aluminium picture rail. The picture rail can be fixed to either the walls or the ceiling.
  • The artwork can slide along the entire length of the picture rail
  • The artwork can be adjusted in height which is achieved by allowing the hooks to slide along the hangers
  • The hanging system is aesthetically pleasing
  • The system will be long lasting

This means that droppers are clearly a core element which provides flexibility to the entire system as without them adjustment not be as simple!

Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light with integrated picture lighting and flexible hanging system, available at Hang Logic.
hanging wire sets

Artiteq supplies its range of droppers in two materials:

  • Perlon: this is the commercial name for polycaprolactam (Nylon 6). This material is completely transparent, which makes it perfect for those applications where you don’t want to wire to be noticeable. Perlon has tough fibres, with high tensile strength, elasticity, and shine. Perlon is also highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals.
  • Stainless steel: this material is renown for its high tensile strength and durability, which makes it perfect for those applications where heavy objects are to be hung. Many interior designers and art installers prefer stainless-steel droppers because of their appearance. These hangers are perfect whenever you want to create an “industrial look” in a specific environment, typically art galleries or large open plan buildings.

Sets of Hangers and Hooks: How Much Weight Can You Hang?

The quick answer to this question is, it depends!

Whilst the Artiteq droppers are available in 2 different materials they are also available in two thicknesses: 1mm or 2mm. The thicker the wire, the heavier the weight it can hold, as illustrated in this simple table:

MaterialThickness: 1mmThickness: 2mm
Perlon5 Kg20 Kg
Stainless-steel10 Kg20 Kg

Clearly, the amount of weight that you can hang on a single wire depends on the type of hooks you select. The Artiteq range includes:

  • Mini Hook: a cheap and simple solutions for weights up to 4Kg
  • Micro Grip 1mm: first of the range to be provided with an automatic clutch, for weights up to 10Kg
  • Ratchet Hook: elegant solution with automatic clutch for weights up to 15Kg
  • Micro Grip 2mm: heavy duty version, for weight up to 20Kg

Frequently Asked Question: Is it possible to have multiple hooks hanging on a single dropper?

Answer: it certainly is. However, it is very important to make sure that the total weight that you hang doesn’t exceed the maximum load allowed by the wire.

Example: How Can You Create Your Own Photo Gallery

You have nine small photos weighting about 1 Kg each. You would like to hang them on three single hangers, to make your own photo gallery. You also want the hangers to inconspicuous, not the focal point of your display so the final display will look like a 3 x 3 matrix!

You could use:

  • nine Mini Hooks, each of which can hold up to 4 Kg. Each of your photo’s weights around 1 Kg, so these hooks are more than appropriate for the job.
  • Three Artiteq Perlon Droppers, 1mm thick. Once again, each of these hangers can hold up to 5Kg of weight. Having three pictures hanging on a single wire doesn’t represent a problem, as it would be about 3kg hanging in total. Furthermore, the visual impact will be minimal when you select Perlon as a material and the thinnest thickness (1mm). These droppers are nearly invisible!

Droppers and Hooks: A Tip from Our Art Installers

As illustrated, both the material chosen and the thickness of the dropper play an important role in how much weight you can hang on a single wire.  If you have heavier artwork, or mirrors you can use multiple droppers, and most expert art installers recommend using at least a couple of droppers and hooks. This will not only guarantee a better weight distribution, but it will also make easier to:

  • adjust the artwork at the proper height, thanks to the adjustable hooks
  • ensure that the object is hanging straight. Whilst this is relatively easy for symmetrical objects (e.g. a canvas) it may be more challenging for objects of different shapes. There is also the problem lateral tilt, regardless whether the object is symmetrical or not, movement still occurs – we have all walked into a room and noticed that the picture which was straighten has now moved! Therefore, it is much better to use two hangers per picture, so that you eliminate both these issues at once.
Art in the workplace

Artiteq Hangers: What Else Is Important When Selecting Your Hangers?

Now that you have decided how much weight you want to hang, and what sort of aesthetic result you want to achieve, there is still another factor to consider: how will the dropper engage with the rail?

Once again, it depends on how you intend to use your picture hanging system. The Artiteq’s droppers have a metal head that engage directly into the rail. You don’t have to worry about configuring your wire, though. The metal head is fixed to the hangers by automated machines in the manufacturing plant, where quality tests are also performed. This ensures highest level of quality and durability of the final product.

The options for the metal head are as follows:

  • Solid slider head
  • Twister head
  • Cliq-2-fix head
  • Loop head

Let’s go through each of them to see where they are best used.

options wire
Artiteq Loop Head hanging wires in steel or nylon/Perlon

Solid Slider:

The solid slider is the simplest of all the attachment options. It consists of a metal head which is inserted into the aluminium rail profile from one end which can then slide across to the desired position. This system is renowned for its safety, once the wire is attached to the rail it cannot be removed unless it is taken off from one of the two ends of the rail. However, the rail ends are usually closed either by an endcap, another rail, or an adjacent wall which prevents theft or accidental disengagement of your droppers from the rail. This also means that the Solid Slider can be used in picture hanging systems which are installed on sloped walls and/or staircases.

Artiteq Solid Slider


The Twister is a variation of the Solid Slider concept. This attachment allows you to both engage and disengage the dropper to/from the rail at any length, without having to extract the wire from the ends. This provides greater flexibility as you will be able to make change your art display quicker and thus move from one configuration to another much faster.

The Twister head engages to the rail using a very simple movement – insert the metallic head one way, and gently “twist” it to lock the hanger to the rail. To disengage the dropper from the rail, you can simply twist the metallic head in the opposite direction, remove it and re-insert in anywhere else along the rail. It couldn’t be easier than that!

Art in the workplace


The Cliq2Fix has all of the advantages of standard Twister wire with an increased safety feature which makes it perfect for hanging heavy objects, such as wide paintings or heavy mirrors. Its innovative ‘locking head’ allows this dropper to stay locked into the rail yet still slide left and right.

Cliq2Fix is ideal for buildings with high ceilings or staircases where the picture rail location may be too high to be easily accessed on a regular basis.

Cliq2Fix by Artiteq

Loop Head:

The Artiteq Loop Head suits heritage homes and buildings with the traditional timber picture rails or mouldings.

You will then be able to attach the Loop Head hanging wire to our Gallery Hook, or alternatively loop them around other things such as screw heads, hooks, pipes and bars.

In case you have to hang heavy pictures or mirrors, you can always join the Loop Head with the Micro Grip Hook that can easily slide up and down the dropper.

Loop head

All-in-One Kits

Have you got a heavy piece of art or mirror and want to know how to hang it safely?

Have a look at our Heavy Duty Hanger Kits

Heavy Duty Hanger Kits - Extreme


Hanging a heavy picture, artwork or a mirror can be a challenging task, not just for the hanging itself but also for the preliminary checks that you (or a professional art installer) need to perform beforehand.

So why not consulting our team of experts at Hang Logic?

Invest in high quality, reliable, flexible droppers and have them professionally installed once to provide unlimited flexibility. Choose from our range of hangers and attachments, select the picture hooks that best suit your project, and voila – you will not have to worry about checking anything else in the future, and you’ll be set for years of enjoyment of your personal art gallery and photo displays.

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