05.57200 Info Rail + White 200 cm (includes fastener material and end caps)

The Info Rail + is a versatile display system to showcase your photos, drawings or recipes … They can easily all be clamped in the rail; the system is similar to that used in our Info Rail. At the top of the rail there is a 6-cm-wide shelf where small photo frames, canvases, greeting cards and other small craft projects can be displayed.

This is a genial, flexible and versatile display system, which allows drawings, posters or frames to be changed quickly and easily, without the walls being damaged. The double plastic clamp allows paper from 80 g to cardboard with a 2-mm thickness to be firmly clamped into the rail. The 6-cm top shelf has a number of subtle grooves, allowing a card or frame to be displayed securely.

Who uses the Info Rail + :

  • Architects use it to display their architectural drawings.
  • Businesses use it to display staff information. Other businesses use it to display diplomas.
  • Mining businesses use it to display maps.
  • Kindergartens use it to display their children’s drawings.
  • Schools use the info rails to display student’s artworks.
  • Hospitals use it so that patients can hang drawings that make them happy (often brought by their grandchildren).
  • Parents use it to show off their children’s creations.