The Display It fixed (fixed mounting) can be installed in 3 different ways: ceiling-floor, wall-floor or full wall.

Each Display It Kit contains:

  • 1 x portrait acrylic frames – A4 or A3 sizes available
  • 4 x E-clips

Are you after a custom-made display or wish to purchase any of the system’s component singularly? Inquire with us today!

The Display It display system gives you a professional and orderly way to display your photos or documents. The acrylic frames are easy to mount and adjust to the desired height.

Thanks to the E-clip for Display It, you can change the contents of the acrylic frames in seconds. The E-clip also makes possible to connect the frames to one another, so you can have both horizontal and vertical displays.



This display system is ideal for:

  • Estate Agents, Architects can use it to display their architectural drawings.
  • Display staff information, diplomas.
  • Mining businesses use it to display maps.
  • Kindergartens use it to display their children’s drawings.
  • Schools use the info rails to display student’s artworks.
  • Hospitals use it so that patients can hang drawings that make them happy (often brought by their grandchildren).
  • Parents use it to show off their children’s creations.