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End cap Click Rail grey


Artiteq number: 9.4104

Click the End Cap Click Rail grey on to the ends of your aluminium Click Rails for a classy finish when not installing wall to wall.

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The End Cap Click Rail Grey – What Is It?

The end cap Click Rail grey is a clever invention by Artiteq that was made to fit on the ends of their popular aluminium coloured Click Rail to give it an elegant finish. Its purpose is to cover up those raw aluminium edges and turn a plain track into something chic!

What is the point of End Caps?

There are two approaches when it comes to installing picture hanging rails.

For a seamless look you can install your picture hanging rail the entire length of your wall. You do this by joining several rails together. Your picture hanging rail then butts up against the two adjacent walls.
If you have cornices, and want your picture hanging rail to appear to be part of the cornice, you can mount your rail directly below your cornices. Choosing this approach means you won’t need any end caps.

Some people choose an alternative approach and mount their art track only where they plan to hang their art. Then there track only runs along a small section of their wall. Best to use end caps if you choose this option. Just click one onto both ends of your picture hanging rail.

If you mount your picture hanging rail so that it ends on a corner with a perpendicular wall push your end cap into the end of your art track to give it a smarter finish.

How Do You Use the End Caps?

End caps are easy to slot into the end of any length of  your Click Rail. They are quick and easy to install and you won’t require any tools.

Will I Need Any Extra End Cap Click Rail Grey if I Buy the Click Rail + Install Kit?

The install kit for the 2m aluminium Click Rail and the 3m aluminium  Click Rail has two end caps in it but you can also buy additional end caps. If you cut your rail into smaller sections, instead of leaving the aluminium edge uncovered we recommend adding 2 end caps to achieve a neater finish.