05.55200M   Info Rail Magnetic White 200cm (includes fastener material and end caps)

Are you sick of blu tack and pinboards and mess and disorder?
If yes, the Artiteq Info Rail Magnetic is the ideal solution for you.

This hanging system has become particularly indispensable in classrooms and school corridors and provides an ideal showcase for children’s creations. But the Info Rail Magnetic is also an ideal display system for sharing and displaying information at home or in the office. The Info Rail Magnetic has been developed for hanging documents using a triple rubber clamping mechanism in the rail and has a useful magnetic strip at the front. Paper from 80 g to cardboard with a 2-mm thickness can be firmly clamped into the rail. Four white mice magnets are included, to use with the magnetic strip. The magnetic white mice allow drawings or photos to easily be exhibited at the front of the rail in a fun manner.

Who may benefit from Info Rail Magnetic:

  • Architects use it to display their architectural drawings.
  • Some businesses use it to display staff information. Other businesses use it to display diplomas.
  • Mining businesses use it to display maps.
  • Kindergartens use it to display their children’s drawings.
  • Schools use the info rails to display student’s artworks.
  • Hospitals use it so that patients can hang drawings that make them happy (often brought by their grandchildren).
  • Parents use it to show off their children’s creations.