1. Introduction
  2. Wall Hangers: How Do They Work?
  3. Wall Hangers: An Example
  4. Wall Hangers: In the Workspace
  5. Wall Hangers: Are They Really That Great?
  6. Time For An Upgrade? Here’s What You Need To Know


Teachers work extremely hard to help their students learn, develop and thrive throughout their school life. They perform a key task for society: they support young people in becoming responsible adults who will make a positive contribution to transforming society. Our children are our future!

At Hang Logic we support many schools throughout Australia to design and install safe, productive and aesthetically pleasing environments. We provide secure, high quality and attractive hanging and display solutions.

These innovative and cost-effective picture hanging systems enable you to hang drawings, paintings and documents on any wall (regardless of its height or width) in a flexible and sustainable manner. You can rotate items whenever you like without needing to drill new holes in your walls.

The wall hangers that we have found teachers and principals prefer for quick and easy display of drawings, artworks and assignments in classrooms, entries, hallways and staffrooms are:

Info rail

Our Artiteq picture rails and art tracks are safe and practical, quick to install and so easy to use. Even better, you can say goodbye to those messy, fiddly pins, tacks and blu tack. The rails are sleek; they blend in with any school décor. An added plus: sustainable production methods.


The Artiteq range of hanging systems is designed in the Netherlands and uses top-quality fittings and fixtures. To guarantee product quality Artiteq adheres to TÜV quality assurance guidelines. All wall hangers  (picture hanging rails, hanging wires and hooks) undergo TÜV certification. This TÜV seal of approval confirms that these products fulfil quality requirements, are safe and are produced in an  environmentally responsible manner.

Once installed you have a life long, strong, reliable hanging system which will bless you with years of fun and flexibility.  All systems are competitively priced and are extremely user friendly. They will inspire you to enhance your school and workplace. Displaying students’ creations will beautify your school, make your pupils proud and impress those parents.

The picture hanging systems work in a modular manner. There are different types of rails; you can choose the picture hanging rail that best suits your needs. Our hanging wires come in different lengths, different widths and different materials. You can choose transparent or stainless steel hanging wires/cords between 1.5 and 5 m long. The hanging wires come into thicknesses, 1 mm and 2 mm. We stock a variety of hooks – choose what works best or let us advise you with regard to what would best suit your purposes. We can help you tailor make your wall hanging system to exactly fulfil your needs. Our modular hook, rail and cable components offer the flexibility to design a hanging system that will allow you to create a unique, eye-catching display that fits seamlessly.

Artiteq’s picture hanging systems for schools, colleges and universities are designed to create well-arranged and flexible wall display systems without using timber slats, sticky tape, or pins. The sleek design of the picture hanging systems ensures a tidy and pleasing wall layout and the ability to easily rotate displays in a matter of minutes.

  • hang-logic-click-rail-school display
  • artiteq-botaniq-dispay-it-fixed-hang-logic
Picture Hanging systems in schools

You can attach the lightweight, aluminium picture hanging rails to the wall or they can be integrated into suspended or recessed ceilings. If you are in the midst of a new build or renovations you can even place them between your wall and ceiling which makes them invisible, showing just a shadow line. Once installed these flexible picture hanging systems allow you to easily create a whole new look by just moving your pictures around whenever you want. You can also hang the pictures at any height and any location on your wall thanks to the adjustable hanging wires and hooks.

When these picture hanging systems are installed, teachers are impressed with their ease of use. Moving or exchanging student’s artworks, educational posters, drawings and other wall decorations is an effortless job -even young children can do it! What a relief!

There are other surprising solutions that can be integrated in this modular picture hanging system.

You can also breathe some oxygen into your space by hanging plants from the picture hanging rail. The modular component Botaniq modular component is a plant container you can incorporate into your display.

You can also integrate quick display systems with or without LED lights with your rails.


This was a solution to an inquiry from a High School in Melbourne.

The problem they were trying to solve was a very common one: artworks and teaching materials were piling up in their classrooms and communal areas. This presents not only an aesthetic burden, it is also a psychological burden, especially for the poor teachers. Children love creating and it’s so important for their development. To feel validated, what they create also needs to be on display. This makes them proud and happy. Quite the opposite was happening, there were stacks of artwork on the teachers’ desks. For some children (and also teachers) this can be overwhelming, especially if they are hypersensitive.

The same disorder was true for the pedagogical material. Teaching materials had been partly pinned and partly tacked to the walls. Some sheets had fallen down and were littering the floor, others had lost their hold on the wall and were partially coming off. In short it was a shambles. This isn’t an unusual case scenario. The inquiries we get, reveal it’s the norm.

According to many studies, both a low-stimulus and a stimulating environment are important for the child’s development. This may sound contradictory, but this is how we human beings work. An ideal classroom is therefore a combination of the two.

We helped this school, as we have helped many others by developing the perfect way to exhibit drawings and paintings as well as pedagogical material. The school is recognised both nationally and internationally for its impressive music program. Former students regularly gain prominent positions in the music industry and in music education. In year eight all students are encouraged to enrol in core music subjects and passionate students can audition for special interest music programs.

Brighton High School was just the process of completing their Performing Arts Centre. It is an acoustically optimised 660m2 live performance venue with an auditorium that can seat up to 400 people. There is a large entrance foyer with many walls that provide the perfect opportunity to showcase students’ artwork.

The Staff were seeking a sleek, simple and efficient way to display the beautiful artworks on these walls and opted for the Artiteq Click Rail Pro picture hanging system. It was installed on all walls in their concert hall’s foyer area.  To specifically suit their requirements we cut some rails to short lengths and installed them between the large vertical windows you can see in the photo above.


Once a school’s classrooms, corridors, foyers and entry hall are optimized and showcasing beautiful artworks it sure is time to think about making the school staff’s life easier. Another issue in dire need of a solution is found in the school’s offices: piles of paper works sitting on tables taking up the precious little space admin workers have at their disposal, or the worst case scenario, papers lying scattered on the floor thanks to an window that welcomed the autumn breeze.

Fortunately, Artiteq also has a solution for this dilemma!

In such offices, schools opt for white Info Rails that extend across the entire width of the rooms. The white colour can blend in, or contrasts with the colour of the wall, making this display system as unobtrusive as possible. This provides a more pleasant and relaxing environment for the staff who spend a lot of their daily hours confined by these four walls.

Some schools also choose the Artiteq Info Rail to hang their pupil’s artworks. Installing a hanging system on eyelevel means that the children can hang their own drawings and place their sculptural creations for all to admire in the classroom! The tracks are available in 1 m, 2 m and 3 m lengths. There is also an
array of nifty accessories you can add to the Info Rail such as nametags, display shelves and pencil storage units. Making displaying student’s work fun and
rewarding and reducing the teacher’s workload when they have a lot of proud, eager, happy helpers. Wow, is this a big hit when parents come to the classroom with and admire their children’s artwork at parent teacher meetings!

  • Info Rail Plus 1
  • Info rail in schools


After many years of experience in installing art I have concluded that picture hanging systems are the best way to hang artwork in general, and especially in schools and colleges. Allow me to argue my case with six top reasons:

  1. Optimal Aesthetics

Positioned at the top of your wall a picture hanging system is sleek and unobtrusive. This is exactly what you want in a workplace/school classroom, corridor, foyer or entry hall/ college or university setting.

  1. One-Off Job

Once you’ve installed your picture hanging system you will never have to drill another hole in your wall.

  1. Minimal Effort

A picture hanging system lets you hang and rotate your art easily, quickly, and effortlessly. No more paintings leaning against the wall waiting forlornly to be hung up.

  1. Wall friendly

Your walls will remain pristine and undamaged. You won’t have to drill holes in your walls to hang your art. The picture hanging rails come in different lengths and can be easily cut to fit any space perfectly.

  1. Fun and Variety

You can easily switch artworks around and experiment with different artwork combinations. It’s fun to change things up!

  1. Safety and Security

Each component of the Artiteq’s picture hanging system is TÜV certified (a European seal of approval that ensures that the product’s meet quality requirements and are safe).


The requirements for wall design in education are constantly changing. Education programs change, subjects change, the number of enrolled students may change as well, etc.

Are your classes full of arty children? Be warned, this may suddenly result in a mountain of beautiful decorations that overwhelms you!

From our and other businesses experience, the best solutions are the Artiteq Click Rail and the Info Rail for displaying drawings and other documents on the wall in an organised manner. Many schools are already using this clever hanging system in their classrooms, communal spaces, offices, assessment/meeting rooms, and corridors.  As well as the Info Rail, we also supply schools with Artiteq notice boards, glass boards, whiteboards and bulletin boards.

Our range of cabling systems enable you to hang posters, prints, photos, awards and art, as well as create spectacular exhibitions featuring sculptures, 3D artwork, furniture and instruments.

Would you like to know more about the aesthetics and efficiency of your school?

Whether you seek something simple to keep things tidy, or comprehensive systems to create a stunning display, we are just a phone call away. And that is simply music to our ears.

Contact us today by giving us a call on: 0432 924 305 or email us at [email protected] for a FREE consultation. Or if you prefer to work things out yourself, just sift through our frequently asked questions.