This LED powered cable system is ideal to display  your documents, products and services in display cabinets, where the information can stand out both day and night!

Display It LED is available in two versions:

FLEX: with wall or ceiling – attachable rail and cable hanging set

FIXED: for permanently attached systems (wall, ceiling-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor) – Rail not included.

Features common to both systems

  • Power connector Kit
  • A3 and A4 LED panels : they can be used in either horizontal or portrait orientation
  • Transformer (60VA or 200VA)

Beside giving a professional, streamlined look, this ingenious solution allows the height of the panels to be easily adjusted. This system allows double-sided displays: translucent paper
can be inserted into the front and back of the LED panels.

Are you after a custom-made display or wish to purchase any of the system’s component singularly? Inquire with us today!



This display system is ideal for:

  • Estate Agents, Architects can use it to display their architectural drawings.
  • Shops
  • Kindergartens use it to display their children’s drawings.
  • Schools use the info rails to display student’s artworks.
  • Hospitals use it so that patients can hang drawings that make them happy (often brought by their grandchildren).
  • Parents use it to show off their children’s creations.