Art Deco architecture is a style of architecture that has been around for more than 100 years. Art deco was originally used as an abbreviation for “arts décoratifs” which means decorative arts in French. The term “art deco” now refers to a branch of art history which studies this time period. Art deco is influenced by cubism, jazz music, fur-coated women with cloche hats, and the machine age. This art form was designed to give people an uplifting feeling. Art Deco properties can be found all over Australia, but some parts of the country have more than others. Covid-19 has given many of us the time and incentive to focus on home renovation -after all, when you’re stuck at home why not make your surroundings breathtakingly sensational?! Art Deco homes are challenging to renovate and decorate, which is why I’m writing this article to talk about the best way to hang art in an Art Deco house or apartment.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco, also known as Art Déco and Art Moderne, was a style of visual arts that became popular in Europe after World War One. People were yearning for something exciting and modern – different from traditional Victorian or Georgian designs.  At this time many architects began experimenting with new materials and forms which evolved into modernism. Modernist design moved away from traditional conventions creating more simplified geometric shapes using aluminum, chrome, glass and steel rather than stone or wood for decoration.

Art Deco was an important movement in the history of art and architecture as it added a new dimension to building styles. Art Deco moved away from traditional conventions creating more simplified geometric shapes using aluminum, chrome, glass and steel rather than stone or wood for decoration. It uses symmetry and bright colors; bringing art into everyday life.

Three Breathtaking Art Deco Creations

Some side-effect of living abroad for 25 years:

  1. My love affair with Art Deco buildings like the iconic Palais de Chaillot right near where I lived in Paris. It houses ‘La Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine’ (the City Of Architecture And Heritage) which is a massive museum focusing on architecture and building design.
  2. Regularly strolling past this quirky place close to my former London apartment: the Art Deco Michelin house in Kensington. It housed the Michelin Tyre company until 1985. It was designed by one of the business’ employees who it is said had no architectural training before creating this whimsical building. Can you see Bibendum, the Michelin Man, and the cream tiles that are stamped
  3. A desire to visit ‘Majorelle Blue’ in Morocco in Marrakesh. It was the Art Deco studio of a French artist called Jacques Majorelle and this colour was named after him: ‘Majorelle Blue’.

The History of Art Deco Architecture in Australia

Art Deco architecture became very popular during the Great Depression in Australia right up to WWII. Thereafter it declined since it did not match with traditional styles at that time anymore. Art Deco is interesting as there is not a lot of it in Australia. You tend to see it around the harbour in Sydney and the Lower North Shore, and the inner suburbs of Melbourne. You’ll also find some stunning examples in Hobart, Launceston and Perth. Adelaide has its own take on it.

It’s fun to discover Art Deco McMansions, elegant Art Deco houses, cute Art Deco homes and Art Deco apartment blocks. You can often discover these properties that were built between the two world wars when Art Deco flourished near densely populated areas. They were for workers who wanted to be close to the city. European immigrants were fond of the Art Deco apartments. After all, they were used to living in apartments and recreating those environments they were accustomed to comforted them.

Art Deco Adelaide

The Pros and Cons of Art Deco Homes

Art Deco homes have a unique style with streamlined features, geometric shapes; bold colors like blues, yellows or reds; interesting patterns; sleek furniture with curving lines; glass bricks in windows; rounded corners on doors and moldings; metal finishes for accents such as door handles and light fixtures.

Some pros to buying or renting an Art Deco house or apartment include:

  • you live in a magnificent, sophisticated environment that is unique
  • you’re surrounded by the creations of an exuberant time in history
  • these homes are often in amazing location with excellent access to transport and shopping
  • this minimalist, light filled style is a source of inspiration

On the downside

  • the interior style often includes mirrors and glass which isn’t too good for kids and house pets
  • because original  houses were built before modern conveniences were the norm your property need to rewire the electricity and install air-conditioning

sometimes the homes are heritage listed and there may be restrictions on how much you can change

What Kind of Art Suits an Art Deco Home?

Art can be used to add color, brighten a room or make it more interesting. Art in enriching and also gives you the opportunity to develop your own unique style.

These homes were meant to have some luxury and elegance added into them. Art was considered something that was worth investing money into during this time period because it had such great cultural significance attached to it. By adding art pieces throughout your home, you will create a similar atmosphere within your  house as well.

Decorating your Art Deco home can be a lot of fun, but it is also important to have the right pieces in the right places. Art comes in many different styles and colours so it won’t be that hard to find something that will fit with your  design.

You’ll want to use art that is sleek and modern. This design movement was all about clean lines and simple shapes so the look of your artwork should reflect this style in order for it to work well with your home’s decor.

Art Deco Interiors

Take a look at your furniture. If it has a modern and sleek look to it, your art should also have clean lines and simple shapes. Art that is ornate or detailed won’t work well in an Art Deco home. Art Deco is a more abstract style, with less emphasis on realism. An art lover will want to have art in every room of the house, but it doesn’t have to all look exactly alike. Different art styles will work depending on where they are placed and how you want that space to feel and convey

Every piece of Art should not only fit your personal taste, but also suit the character of your home as a whole so don’t try mixing different types together haphazardly or you’ll end up with an aesthetic mishmash instead of something unified and cohesive.

There are many different styles of art that can be used in Art Deco homes. Art deco is a style that includes bright colours, geometric shapes and elaborate designs. For a home of this kind , you would want to include art pieces that have these same characteristics so they look cohesive with the rest of your decorating scheme.

Pop Art

One option for Art Deco inspired art might be Pop Art which features bold graphics and vivid contrasting hues. Art inspired by Pop Art is usually bright which makes it a good fit for large spaces where there needs to be contrast with the surrounding decor or walls that are painted very light colors.

Pop Art

Pastiche Art

Pastiche Art also has similar qualities as it replicates famous paintings by well-known artists but gives them a modern twist through contemporary mediums or materials. If you have small nooks or dark hallways then Pastiche Art would probably look best as this type of artwork tends to have more muted tones so it can blend well into darker surroundings without being too loud.

Pastiche Art

Modern Art

Modern takes on classic forms could also work well since they typically feature clean lines, color blocking, large-scale patterns and symmetrical compositions.

Modern Art

Monochromatic Art

Another Art option would be to keep the Art black and white or even just one color – like having all red art work at once for example. The modern monochromatic look works well with different styles of homes. It stays true to the traditional art deco look without being too loud or distracting from other decorations around it.

Monochromatic Art

The Best Way to Hang Your Art in an Art Deco Home

After 15 years of experience in installing art I have concluded that picture hanging systems are the best way to hang artwork in general, and especially in an Art Deco your home. Moreover, after experimenting with an array of different picture hanging so in art gallery, we’ve decided that the Artiteq picture hanging system is the best. Let me explain why.

Optimal Aesthetics

Positioned at the top of your wall a picture hanging system is sleek and unobtrusive. This is exactly you want in an Art Deco home.

One-Off Job

Once you’ve installed your picture hanging system you will never have to drill another hole in your wall. What a relief! If you have some basic DIY skills, it’s easy enough to do yourself. Alternatively, choose the easy path and just get a professional to do it for you.

Minimal Effort

Have you ever bought a painting and then walked by it for many months with that one same nagging thought: I need to hang this picture up (before the dog shoves his bone or claws into it /before someone kicks it /before I hate it so much, because the idea of drilling more holes in my walls overwhelms me).

A picture hanging system lets you hang and rotate your art easily, quickly, and effortlessly. No more paintings leaning against the wall waiting forlornly to be hung up.

Wall friendly

Your walls will remain pristine and undamaged. You won’t have to drill holes in your walls to hang your art. If you rent your apartment or own an apartment that you rent out picture hanging rails are ideal! A picture hanging system allows you to avoid many a dispute. The picture hanging rails come in different lengths and you can easily cut them with a hacksaw so that will fit any space perfectly.

Fun and Variety

You can easily switch artwork around and experiment with different artwork combinations. It’s fun to change things up!

Safety and Security

Ever heard of the man who sued the installer because the mirror he (allegedly safely) installed fell from the wall and injured a visitor?

This won’t happen with an Artiteq picture hanging system. Each component is TÜV certified (a European seal of approval that ensures that the product’s meat quality requirements and are safe). Artiteq lists the weight bearing capacity of each component, so to ensure safety just stick to the weight ratings.

All Artiteq products have a 10-year guarantee.

Environmentally Sound

The picture hanging rails are made of durable aluminium that is mainly recycled aluminium. Aluminium is long lasting and low maintenance.


Lucky you if you are reading this article because you have an Art Deco home in Australia. We aren’t blessed with as many properties of this kind in Australia as there are overseas so it’s really something special. Value it and honour it. Make sure the furniture and art you choose highlight its beauty.

Finding art you love and want to keep in the long term can be challenging. So, we suggest experimenting. Rather than buying, you can also rent art. This gives you the opportunity to play around and see what kind of art really appeals to you. Moreover, with an Artiteq picture hanging system in place you can hang paintings of all different shapes anywhere you want on your wall. How could you not be happy?