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Hanging Set Sloped Rail


  • Perfect for hanging art in a stairwell or stairway with angled / sloped walls
  • You can hang lightweight artwork on a hanging rail that is mounted sloped (to an angled wall) up to 45 degrees.
  • The art track follows the slope of your ceiling.
  • The Auto Grip Hook‘s self-locking mechanism provides safety as it prevents the hook from sliding down the hanging wire on its own accord.
  • Best to use two sets per picture for stability and safety.
  • Weight bearing per set is 4 kg.

9.6645 – Hanging Set Sloped Rail – Solid Slider 2 mm Perlon 200cm + Ratchet hook + Stopper + Allen Key

Still unsure about how to hang your pictures in a staircase? Find Out Here the Right Way to Do It!



Many people assume you can’t safely use a flexible hanging system in a room with sloping walls. Wrong!
On a sloping wall, e.g. most stairwells have angled walls, you can install the Artiteq hanging rails at an angle. The installation procedure is the same as when your ceiling is straight. What makes the difference is the Hanging Set Sloped Rail because it has lockable stopper which stope the hanging wires from sliding down the arttrack you’ve installed on an angle.

What hanging rail should I choose?

You can choose from 3 Artiteq rail types: the Click rail, the Click Rail Pro, or the Combi Rail Pro Light.
By mounting the hanging rail at the same angle as the ceiling it appears to be a cornice which makes it almost invisible.

Because the weight of the pictures you hang could make your hanging rail slide down, you need to ensure that it is stopped on its lower side. It could be stopped by  another wall or by a hanging rail.

 How do I stop the hanging wires from sliding down the art track?

Because the weight of  the pictures, paintings or photos you hang from your rails as well as the natural downward angle of the rail will also  make the hanging wires slide downwards, they need to be stopped by a  lockable stopper. In the Hanging Set Sloped Rail you’ll find 1 lockable stopper, an Allen key,  a 200cm long & 2mm thick Perlon solid slider hanging wire and a Auto Grip Hook .

Once you’ve attached the art track to the wall right up against the sloping ceiling, you slide the solid slider hanging wires and the stoppers that you will find in the kit into the end of the hanging rail. The stopper needs to be below the solid slider hanger because it’s the stopper that prevents the hanging wires from sliding down the hanging rail. Once you’ve found the right position for your hanger, tighten the stopper’s socket screw head with your Allen key.

How heavy can the artwork I hang from my sloped rail be?

The maximum weight bearing for each stopper is 4 kg. This means that if you use 2 hooks and hanging wires per picture you can hang  photos or prints that weigh up to 8 kg.