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Botaniq 1.25L White


  • Perfect for hanging your plants and give to your interior a stylish touch
  • The Botaniq contains one pot and two 200cm long Perlon hanging wires, and two Micro Grip hooks.
  • The art track follows the slope of your ceiling.
  • The Micro Grip‘s self-locking mechanism provides safety as it prevents the hook from sliding down the hanging wire on its own accord
  • 7600.110




There’s always room for plants in the home or at the office. Create an original and dynamic effect with the Artiteq Botaniq hanging plant pot. Hang your plants in the perfect place with the stylish Botaniq, with a classy, rounded shape.

The Botaniq is supplied with:

  • x1 White Pot – measures 261 x 192 x 121 mm – weight: 320g
  • x2 1-mm perlon Twister hanging wires
  • x2 Micro Grip hooks

This Kit can be easily hung  at the perfect height from an Artiteq’s hanging rail (the  hanging plant pot can only be used in combination with a picture hanging rail).

Give to your interiors a natural touch by combining together a variety of hanging pots, experiment different heights, and create your personal urban jungle!

Hanging plants are a great way to increase the mood in any room! Learn how to DIY here

A natural and creative way to decorate your office space too, a wall is the perfect spot. There are so many types of plants that you can choose from for hanging or sitting purposes: Artificial Trees such as bamboo and rubber trees; Succulents like Crassula ovata which have thick leathery leaves with spines on them (perfect if they’re growing in sandy soil); Ferns too – these guys just look great any time!
But whatever kind plant it might be, the Artiteq Botaniq Hanging System will make it look just great.