For thousands of years, interior design tendencies have been used as aesthetic supports in our efforts to find some inner peace: take the ancient Chinese art of feng-shui, where spatial positioning corresponds with energy flow, or wabi-sabi, the Japanese practice of embracing imperfection, or ancient Rome’s obsession for using earth-tone colours and geometric patterns to mimic the harmony of nature. More and more research shows the direct influence that our homes have on our moods and our overall health and well-being.

So, does it surprise you that in 2022 (our third consecutive year in a global pandemic), the best interior design trends are again focused on making us feel emotionally at ease?

Interior Design Today:

COVID-19 forced all of us to slow down and spend time in our homes—this led to a desire to create a space that visually reflects what we are feeling and an awareness of design can produce positive energy.
What are people being attracted to in 2022?
It is a reality that our homes have become the main settings of our lives: where we work, sleep, and socialise. Every corner and object we’re surrounded by must serve some purpose. Perhaps it’s a functional one—think about the rise of useful domestic technology—or an emotional one, like an artwork or a photo collection.
Below are some of the hottest top interior design trends in 2022.

Dual-Purpose Rooms – Modular Walls

As we get into another year of Corona variants, our living spaces have to become our workrooms, which is the new normal. The kitchen becomes the conference room, and the dining table the new boardroom table. As people spend more time in their homes, they expect their private spaces to work harder for them. This suggests that perhaps rooms will be designed for to be more flexible to fulfil multiple purposes.

Interior Design Palace Versaille
Interior Design with Picture hanging system and art display hanging on mirrors
Picture Hanging systems on modular walls
Click Rail Pro and paintings on display

For instance, you can decorate the walls in the dining room with wine storage or paintings; the guest rooms can be fitted with desks, and the bedrooms are equipped with exercise equipment.
The artwork that you chose may be especially relevant where your walls are visible during online meetings and need to reflect not only your personality, but also your professionalism. Try our partition and wall hooks and loop hanging wires, and micro grip hooks to install beautiful artwork on your partition walls, allowing you to move or change your art to suit the use of the room.

Up-and-Coming Artwork

“Gone are the days of cultured art collecting dominating the scene”, says Andreas from Art Logic. “Clients are looking for fresh characters on the art scene. They also want collections that reflect the cultural diversity of our world and the perspectives these artists offer.”

The impacts of Wall Art on Interior Design
Wall art can make the design perfect; it is like the finishing touch that makes it tastes better. Many people don’t think about it’s importance and believe that this is what comes last in any design. Still, the truth is that this art gives a whole new taste to your interior design style, and it transforms the way the interior design looks, and feels in many ways.

You can have your art collection displayed on walls using an in-built picture hanging system. This system consists of an aluminium profile (rail) that gets fixed to your wall or structural elements of your ceiling (beams), depending on your space configuration. Once installed, the rail disappears behind the plasterboard, and the only noticeable effect will be a beautiful shadow line! Then, all you will need are hanging wires and hooks to hang your favourite paintings or photo collection.

An excellent first impression matters a lot, not just in our social relationships with others but in how we decorate our homes.

Suppose I should come into your house and find it disorganised with things littered everywhere. In that case, it will automatically pass a message to my brain that your life is probably just as chaotic. The way set and decorate your home can tell a lot about your nature and personality.
On the other hand, if I step into a house where everything is organised, with high-quality decor enhanced by well chosen wall art, placed in the right positions in the home, then I am more likely to form a positive first impression.

Having good wall art installed can never undermine the beauty of your home. And that’s why we’d be looking today at what it is, why it matters in interior design, how you can choose the best art in the correct size and how you can display it at your home.
Even if you haven’t got any professional artwork you probably have pieces that are important to you that you would like to display. Anyone with children in their lives is bound to have a constant steam of treasured drawings, painting or photos that need to be exhibited. The fridge may be a great spot for few select items but there is a better way to display the works of your budding artist.

Artiteq Info Rail is a wall organiser and it consist of an aluminium profile with a rubber-grip mechanism in it. This clever design allows you to display pages of any size and move them around flexibly, without the need to use pins, sticky tape or glue, thus keeping your walls pristine.

What is Wall Art
In a layman’s definition, wall art, sometimes known as a mural, is simply a drawing or painting on big canvases before being applied to the wall (marouflage, for instance), in an office, home or wherever one chooses to use it. Most of us can’t justify having a mural painted on our walls, but choosing smaller paintings, canvases or photos can still provide the same aesthetic benefits in our homes.
There are at least four clear reasons for the importance of wall art in interior design:

interior design Messy roomInterior design bedroom
Artiteq Info rail in office setting
Picture hanging systems in healthcare

What defines a man is what they choose to recognise? Thus, the choice to enrich your home with modern artworks, from 3D arts to digital art printing, goes a long way to show your appreciation in a beautiful work of art as well as demonstrating your sense of innovation.
Did you know that some people do visit other people’s homes, perhaps a friend or colleague, just to have the chance to experience wonder of the wall art displayed in those homes?
We are living witness to this fact.
Not everyone can afford quality painted wall art but if you are fortunate enough to own some you can make your home somewhere that people visit to enjoy the surroundings as well as your company.

There is something unique about homes decorated with wall arts, which sets them apart from other houses.

Of course, yes, attractiveness! A beautifully painted wall art can transform a low-budget furnished area into a unique space which reflect the owners style and personality..

Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light can be used to elegantly light beautiful wall arts. This final touch gets your art display to look like a museum or a living exhibition!
The feelings triggered when visiting houses with well displayed art are often undefinable.
Focal Point
One of the essential fundamental principles of interior style is that each space needs a focal point or one style element, which will instantly draw attention to the item and provide the viewer with an insight into the owner’s personality. A good piece of wall art is often used to meet this need.

Interior design

It’s very dull sitting in a room with a plain wall with no designs or pictures to attract attention. I often think of such places to be sterile and uninviting.
However, when there is something displayed on the walls there is central point where you can feed your eyes with the unique beauty of art.

If you have walls made of a material hard to drill in or fragile (stone, tiles), then using a ceiling attached picture hanging system, such as the Artiteq Top Rail,  may be the way to go.

Imagine your favourite photo collection hanging on top of a fireplace in your room or standing with pride above the bed in your master bedroom. Wouldn’t that be amazing and restful for your eyes?

How to Display a wall Art at Home

There are five steps to display a wall art at home.

  1. First thing first, ensure you hang it at the correct height measurement. Portraits should be placed at 175 – to 180 cm inches above ground level.
  2. After that, group them based on their mode of painting and interpretation.
  3. Create a gallery with it.
  4. Add some frame styles if you need them.
  5. You can choose to add a mat if you want.

Size is important
There is no specific dimension to what is being known as the right size of wall art. Instead, the right size is judged when the art size compliments the space available on the wall.

Before setting out to get yourself a wall art, make sure that you consider the amount of space available on the wall. Thus, avoid buying large scale pieces when the area on the wall is not big enough to even contain miniature scale portraits. As a guide, paintings or artworks displayed in a lounge rooms should be no longer than an ordinary sofa.
However, you shouldn’t a small piece of art that can’t fill a giant area, if the pieces you chose are small, add multiple items in a cluster to fill the space.
Then, choose paintings at least 15 centimetres taller than your furniture, whilst still leaving space between the art and the ceiling

Art in the workplace
Click-Rail-In schools

Find your Inspiration– Each room needs a statement, or inspiration piece, whether this is a piece of art or furniture, or even the view from a picture window
Once you discover your inspiration piece, follow these guidelines to help you to enhance the overall design with your choice of art.
Use your inspiration piece to set the colour scheme of your space. It’s best to narrow it down to 3 or 4 colours.
Select art that compliments or contrasts with your colour scheme. Mix patterns, geometrics, solids, and as a general rule, when introducing a brand-new colour try to feature it in a minimum of 2 places to create a cohesive look.
Trust your instincts. Surround yourself with stuff you love and don’t forget about that white is also a colour!

Must Wall Arts Match?
No, this isn’t a rule per se, however, your pieces will need to match the house’s underlying colour scheme to avoid creating a colour riot on your wall.
Contemporary wall art décor trends suggest that art should be placed directly above your sofa(s), at the height of 175 to 180 centimetres above the ground level of your living room, and in your line of sight.

Abstract art is trendy in contemporary design, and consulting a professional art installer is often an intelligent choice. Learn more about art installers in our article here.

The ways in which wall art can impact interior design are numerous, allowing your home to display your personality through your choice of special pieces which complement the overall design of your home.
If you feel that your house is an impersonal maze of rooms, hallways, and doors, or if you’re a looking for
distinctive options to achieve a beautiful design and establish a harmonious environment we have the solution.
Hang Logic uses the Artiteq Click Rail system to flexibly display artworks and drawings, photos, and other creations in lounges, bedrooms, and passages.

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