Who wouldn’t like to reduce stress at the office, increase creativity and productivity, improve employees’ morale, and encourage open dialogue? Displaying art in the workplace can promote all of these fundamental requirements — and even more — for your business.

Most people connect with art because it evokes memories from their past or dreams of places beyond their everyday reach. Art gives us a short break from the stress and pressures we face every day. For once, you can daydream a little, and in a blink of an eye, you are reinvigorated in some unique way and are ready for the rest of the workday.


In 1967, David Rockefeller created the Business Committee for the Arts Inc., a national non-profit organisation that connects business and the arts. They found the following regarding the value of the arts when incorporated into an organisation:

  • The arts are vital to the quality of life in a community. The arts help make a community liveable and an attractive place to live, visit or work.
  • The arts are a critical component in education. They can improve academic performance and problem-solving skills and thus are essential to developing a skilled and creative workforce.
  • The arts benefit the business as well. The arts offer opportunities to create and strengthen customer and client relationships, build employee and community relations, and attract and retain employees.
  • The arts support and celebrate who we are. They can stimulate creative thinking and encourage an appreciation and understanding of various cultures.

The many memorial monuments across Australia symbolise the desire and need to reflect on and honour the people and events throughout history. Whether in a corporate office, a school or a healthcare facility, art touches hearts and lives in many significant and surprising ways.

Art in the workplace
Art in the workplace


Art in a workplace confronts you with questions: what is your purpose? What is the value of what you’re doing? Within the office, we can sometimes work very intensely, trying to deliver everything rapidly without even taking a moment to think about our work.

Enriching a workplace with creative elements can assist with boosting employees’ moods, wellbeing and productivity, which is essential for ensuring a business are and continues to be successful. But how can this be achieved?


Corporate art is key to creating a vibrant community.

Successful organisations are not isolated from the community where they do operate. Art provides an opportunity for communication, expanded thinking, dialogue, and creativity.

The question now is how can companies best achieve these goals utilizing art?

Here are some factors to consider:

Art in the workplace

Although art in today’s workplace is becoming more popular, sometimes quality is sacrificed for quantity. The employees responsible for the choices are, at times, unaware of their creative options when choosing media other than paintings or sculptures.

Often the decision to install art in the workplace is purely a decorative one rather than a stage of the design and construction process of the facility. That is the reason why companies would benefit from hiring professional art consultants and established artists to design their art collections and layout to match the company’s strategic mission.

Something extraordinary happens between artists, their art, and the people who love and support their gift. We encourage you to experience the evolution of your organisational culture by including art and the artist in your workplace. Your employees will thank you for their performances, creativity, and work behaviour when done professionally.

Art can be integrated into the workplace in many forms, including paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. It is thus essential to understand the impact that each state of the art can have in an office setting and what you need to know to start your collection.


Art in the workplace


The Artiteq range of art hanging systems is designed in the Netherlands and uses high-quality fittings and fixtures. To guarantee their product quality, Artiteq adheres to TÜV quality assurance guidelines. All art hanging systems (picture hanging railshanging wires and hooks) must pass a tough TÜV certification. This TÜV seal of approval confirms that these products fulfil quality requirements, are safe and are produced in an environmentally responsible manner.

Once installed in the workplace, you have a lifelong, strong, reliable hanging system that will benefit you with years of fun and flexibility. All Artiteq picture hanging systems are competitively priced and are totally user friendly. They will inspire you to enhance your workplace with art.

Art in the workplace
Art in the workplace
Art in the workplace


Curating art in a workplace could be considered …. an art itself!

There are so many factors to balance when bringing art into the office.

Diversity is often a key aspect. You may be thinking about the type of art you’d like to have displayed in your office. At the same time, you may wish to demonstrate your awareness of the cultural aspects that each artwork brings in.

For instance, some artists are fascinated by art from different cultures – how to blame them?

However, this also means they have to be aware and knowledgeable about customs and traditions that are important to those cultures to ensure that the art is displayed appropriately.

Likewise, the representation of women, nudity and diversity in the art destined for the workplace also needs to be thought through carefully; the last thing you want to do is install art that could cause distress or make someone feel uncomfortable. An art curator and a business owner must always be very careful of the people that the space is serving.

Art in the workplace
Hang Logic Picture Hanging Systems in office setting

On the other hand, when introducing art to an office, you also need to consider the images that best portray your organisation and how employees and clients will likely view and interpret it.

Once the most appropriate artworks are selected, another important step is to assess the layout and wall measurements of the office facilities and establish the best locations for your artworks. It is essential to establish what artworks will fit where and how each artwork will complement the office’s colour palette.

In an office setting, the best place to place art is the area where it can capture the eye the moment someone raises their head from their computer monitor. This is because the art can then offer a moment in which a person can break off from their tasks and daily stress sources to meditate … and hopefully be inspired! These are “the secrets” that every art curator should ideally aim to balance out when introducing art in the workplace.

Finally, from a legal point of view, it’s always advisable to check the lease agreement and speak with the landlord or operator of the workplace to ensure you understand what is allowed and what’s not. For instance, the landlord may not allow certain changes to the space, or may protect the building due to its historical importance


Art Logic is a South Australian Art Gallery based in Adelaide that rents, sells or commissions artworks by Australian artists. This includes paintings, sculptures, mixed media and more. Art Logic also holds art classes at their studio in Largs North and often arrange cooperative events at the Client’s chosen location to promote emerging artists while working directly with them to provide opportunities to display their work.

Art Logic aims to display art that “reaches” people, that they can look at, feel, reflect on and only then be able to wonder how it might look in their office space.

“Our goal is to turn sterile walls into a rolling display for artists to enable as many to be allowed to reach out to as many people, which I believe we can do with our workplaces across Australia,” says Jacqueline, the business owner.

“It is indeed refreshing for our corporate clients to experience the visual excitements coming from rotating the artworks periodically with new ones, rather than seeing the same object in the same space every day”.

“Our mission at Art Logic is to enable people to engage with art in their daily tasks, to demonstrate that art does not have to be confined to museums and galleries. Art can be in your life, effortlessly– You just have to raise your head from your screen.”

Art in the workplace
Art in the workplace


Once your offices, corridors, foyers and entry hall have been transformed by showcasing spectacular artworks, it sure is time to turn to make the staff’s life more efficient by addressing the management of paperwork that may need to be displayed, such as staff updates, and quality or safety documentation.

Not a problem: Artiteq also has a solution for this!

In an office setting, directors opt for white Info Rails that extend across the entire width of the rooms. Given that there are white colour blends in with the colour of the wall, this display system is as unobtrusive as possible. This makes it pleasant and relaxing for the admin workers, who spend their daily hours confined in these four walls.

The Info Rail tracks are available in 2 m and 3 m lengths. There is also an array of special accessories you can add to the Info Rail, such as name tags, display shelves and pencil storage units.


The factors impacting an art display in the workplace are numerous: they often link to culture, diversity, values, and economic aspects of the business.

Have you decided that your current workplace is like an impersonal maze of desks, hallways, and doors?

Are you looking for captivating options to address effective branding and foster long-lasting company culture in the workplace?

There’s no need to go too further! Hang Logic uses the Artiteq Click Rail and the Info Rail systems to display artworks and drawings, charts, maps, and other documents on your office’s wall in an organised manner. Many Organisations are already using this clever hanging system in their offices, communal spaces, assessment/meeting rooms, and corridors. We can also supply Artiteq notice boards, glass boards, whiteboards and bulletin boards.

Our range of cabling systems enables you to hang posters, prints, photos, awards and art, and spectacular exhibitions featuring sculptures, 3d artwork, furniture and instruments.

Looking to know more about how can you improve the beauty and efficiency of your company?

Whether you seek something simple to keep things tidy or comprehensive systems to create an attractive art display, we are only a phone call away.

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Art in the workplace