You’ve finally decided to renovate your home. Amazing! You possibly have lots of clues from kitchen décor ideas to bedroom decorations, yet there’s a smaller space you’re possibly overlooking within all your design ideas, your staircase!

Private homeowners to professional art installers agree that the staircase is one of the first spaces to catch your eye when you enter a house therefore you want to ensure that it’s attractive to look at. One classy and elegant way to decorate your staircase is to hang pictures. No matter what your style is you could impress your visitors by hanging beautiful paintings from a prominent artist, or display your own family and travel pictures.

In this article, we are going to introduce to you an innovative product to assist you to transform your staircase into your own gallery without breaking your budget.

Hanging Pictures in a Staircase: Common Issues

Before exploring what is the best solution to hang your pictures in a staircase, let’s go through the main issues that people typically encounter:

  • Staircases may result in the walls being sloped to follow the line of the staircase. You may still want to use that space, but hanging pictures in a confined space may be awkward and difficult
  • Ceilings in stairwells are generally quite high which means you are likely to have a huge wall area which is under-utilised, because it is very hard to reach. This is a shame, because that may in fact be an excellent spot to hang a large artwork, for instance, thus decorating a space that would otherwise stay blank and impersonal.
Staircase ceilings

How to Hang Pictures in a Staircase: Why a Picture Hanging System is the Best Way to Do It

Many homeowners assume you can’t safely use a picture hanging system in a room with sloping walls. Wrong!
On a sloping wall, you can install the Artiteq picture hanging system at an angle.

So, what is a picture hanging system and how can this solve your problem? That is easily explained.

A picture hanging system is a flexible system composed by three fundamental parts:

The hanging rail is an aluminium profile which is permanently attached to your walls (or ceilings). It can be ordered in a variety of finishes (white, aluminium or black) or can be painted in any colours that you prefer to match your interiors.

The hangers (or droppers) have a metallic head at one end which is inserted into the rail allowing the hanging wire to slide along the length of the rail

The picture hooks are attached to the hanging wires. These hooks can have a manual or automatic internal clutch which enable the hook to hold its position on the wire when under load. You can adjust the hooks at any length that you wish along the wire. You can then hang your painting or photo on a couple of hooks, and you are done!

You have probably already realised how fantastic this system is, it allows for an infinite number of adjustments, and it eliminates the need for nails or traditional wall hooks.

Be honest to yourself, isn’t this great? You don’t have to worry about damaging your walls with more holes and having to repair them when you want to re-hang your pictures. Many private homeowners, architects, schools and obviously art galleries across the world have already fallen in love with the picture hanging systems by Artiteq.  It is not hard to understand why, this system is making their life easier, as they are now able to rotate their artworks or make changes in furniture as the artworks can be easily and quickly moved to a new position whenever it’s needed.

Click Rail product pictures
Click Rail - lifestyle images residential

How to Choose a Picture Rail:

If you intend to install your rail on the wall, you can choose from three rail types:

  • the Click rail: this is the simplest and most budget oriented solution, although it can offer an appreciable load bearing capacity of 30Kg/m. Mount the Click Rail at the same angle as the ceiling and it will be easily disguised as thin cornice, which makes it almost invisible.
Click rail white
  • the Click Rail Pro: if you need to hang heavy artworks or mirrors, this is the option to go for. This rail has a loadbearing capacity of 50Kg/m. Furthermore, Click Rail Pro has a wider profile than the normal Click Rail, which makes it ideal to install between the wall and ceilings.
Click rail Pro and technical specs
  • or the Combi Rail Pro Light.: another heavy duty rail (load capacity: 50Kg/m) which adds a lighting system conveniently incorporated in the picture rail. A smart solution you may want to look at if the space under a staircase is quite dark. This system is guaranteed to impress all of your visitors.
Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light with integrated picture lighting and flexible hanging system, available at Hang Logic.

How Is a Picture Rail Installed?

The installation procedure of a wall-attached picture rail is very simple. The rail itself clicks onto clips that are attached to the wall. These clips are made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon and are to be installed in a straight line approx 40cm apart. This can be easily done by:

  • using a chalk line, or even better, a laser pointer, to draw a straight line as guide to install the clips
  • At the same time, you may want to make sure that no electrical power or plumbing runs behind the wall where you are wanting to install your picture hanging system.
  • You will then mark the spots where the clips are to be installed, making sure they are spaced equally and not more than 40cm from each other.
  • Once the spots are marked, you will drill a hole big enough for:
    • A wall-mate if you are installing your system on plasterboard (13mm or thicker recommended. Our art installers recommend the use of a stud-finder to locate studs beforehand.
    • A wall plug if you are installing on concrete walls or masonry.
  • The clips are then attached to the wall using a screw that will directly engage with the wall mate or wall plug.
Installation of click rail by Artiteq

All in all, the installation procedure is the same as when your ceiling is straight, however, because of their weight and the gradient your pictures would tend to slide downwards. Therefore, if you are installing your hanging rail on a sloped wall (such as in a staircase) you need something to lock the hanging wires into position.

What makes the difference is the lockable stopper.  This tiny item slides into the rail and then locks at the desired position using an Allen key. The stopper prevents the hanging wires from sliding down the track you’ve installed on an angle.

It is also worth considering that because the weight of the pictures your hanging rail might tend to slide down overtime. It is a recommended practice to make sure that the rail is stopped on its lower side. For instance, it could be stopped by another wall or by a hanging rail.

Have you got a staircase or a room with sloped walls that you’d like to decorate?

Not a problem! We will give you all you need in one kit: the Hanging Set Sloped Rail.

In this kit you will find:


Once you’ve attached the art track to the wall right up against the sloping ceiling, you slide the solid slider hanging wires and the stoppers that you will find in the kit into the end of the hanging rail. The stopper needs to be below the solid slider hanger because it’s the stopper that prevents the hanging wires from sliding down the hanging rail. Once you’ve found the right position for your hanger, you will tighten the stopper’s socket screw head with your Allen key.

The maximum weight bearing for each stopper is 4 kg. This means that if you use 2 hooks and hanging wires per picture you can hang photos or prints that weigh up to 8 kg. You can thus hang lightweight artwork on a hanging rail that is mounted sloped up to 45 degrees.

The ratchet hook is a hook provided of self-locking mechanism. This ensures the safety of your system, as it prevents the hook from sliding down the hanging wire on its own accord.

How to Hang Pictures in a Staircase: What to Hang?

One of the coolest parts about staircase decorations is how a few smart additions can go a long way. Just adding a few paintings or other decorations can totally transform your staircase. Obviously, you could go big and completely fill the whole space with photos and/or painting and have a true gallery wall at your disposal.

Alternatively, you may want to create an original and elegant plant display with the Artiteq Botaniq plant hanging system.

The Botaniq hanging set is supplied with:

  • One White Pot, with a classy, rounded shape.
  • Two transparent hanging wires. These wires are only 1mm thick and are thus nearly invisible!
  • Two Micro Grip hooks: the Micro Grip hook is another type of hook provided of the safe self-locking mechanism.

This Kit can be easily hung at the perfect height from an Artiteq’s hanging rail (the hanging plant pot can only be used in combination with a picture hanging rail).

The Botaniq system is sure to give to interior a natural touch. You may consider combining a number of hanging pots, experiment with different heights, and create your personal plant display.

Plants are also a great way to create different the moods in any room. Perhaps you have your bedrooms and studio upstairs. These are usually places in your home that you want to be peaceful and secluded so you could have your favourite plants and flowers displayed in your stairwell and they will make the transition to the upper storey of your home something special. Literally “elevate” your mood to a new level!

Plants are a natural and elegant way to decorate your office space too, and an empty wall is often the perfect spot. There are so many types of plants that you can choose from for hanging or sitting purposes: Artificial Trees such as bamboo and rubber trees; Succulents like Crassula ovata which have thick leathery leaves with spines on them Ferns too – these guys just look great any time!


The staircase is often a neglected spot in your home or office and provide a great opportunity to create something special. However, traditional hanging methods, such as wall hooks and nails, may be challenging to use in such spaces and can damage your walls. Luckily, picture hanging systems are the great product that you might consider to create a visual display is elegant, flexible and budget conscious.

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