Bunnings Picture Rail vs. Hang Logic’s Artiteq Rails – Decision-Making Criteria

When comparing Bunnings picture rail and Hang Logic’s Artiteq rails, consider these key factors:

  1. Rail Options
  2. Rail Quality
  3. Rail Aesthetics
  4. Ethics
  5. Price
  6. Consumer critique
Close-up of a Bunnings picture rail tilting away from a wall, indicating insecure attachment."

1.   Rail Options: Bunnings Picture Rail vs. Hang Logic

Bunnings Picture Rail packaging for a 2-meter white rail designed for basic picture hanging.

Bunnings Picture Rail:

  • Only 1 option
  • Length: Available only in 2m lengths
  • Customization: Limited; additional end plugs and anchor points are not available
  • Usage: Suitable for basic picture hanging needs with light pictures.
  • Common Issues: Hooks are too large for standard picture frames, and pictures can hang away from the wall if the string is too low
  • The fastener clips are of substandard quality providing a less-than-secure hold when the picture rail is attached. The Bunnings picture rail tilts forward, and is not securely attached, making it problematic for hanging heavier items.
  • Variety: Only offers one type of rail

Hang Logic Picture Rail:

Artiteq offers  6 picture rail options:

  1. Click Rail:

    • Length Options: 2m and 3m
    • Customization: Free fastener kit included, designed for easy installation
    • Usage: Ideal for general picture hanging, supports 30kg per meter
  2. Click Rail Pro:

    • Length Options: 2m and 3m
    • Customization: Free fastener kit included, designed for heavier artworks
    • Usage: Suitable for heavy or expensive artworks, supports up to 50kg per meter
    • Features: Wider profile to hide hanging wire’s metal heads
  3. Combi Rail Pro Light:

    • Length Options: 2m and 3m
    • Customization: Picture rail includes a light fitting, suitable for displaying artworks with lighting
    • Usage: Combines lighting with a flexible hanging mechanism. The picture rail has movable fittings to provide high-quality lighting for artwork . Ideal for galleries or homes where artwork lighting is desired.
  4. Shadowline Rail:

    • Length Options: 2m &2.5 metres, tailored for masonry or drywall
    • Customization: Built-in picture rail
    • Usage: The only visible part is a shadowline between the wall and ceiling, where the picture rail is concealed. Provides a sleek, built-in look suitable for modern interiors
  5. Top Rail:

    • Length Options: 2m and 3m
    • Customization: Ceiling-fixed, suitable for hanging from ceilings
    • Usage: Ideal for spaces where wall fixing is not possible, such as lofts, offices or commercial spaces
  6. Deco Rail:

    • Length Options: 2m
    • Customization: Integrated design to blend with interior decor
    • Usage: designed to be mounted discreetly behind your cornice, offering an excellent solution for preserving the traditional charm of heritage buildings while providing a modern hanging capability. Perfec for residential use where aesthetics are important
Interior room featuring an Artiteq Picture Rail securely holding a large, heavy Aboriginal artwork above a decorative setup.
Vibrant abstract painting displayed in a gallery using the Artiteq Click Rail Pro supplied by Hang Logic, seamlessly mounted for a clean, professional look."
Artiteq Top Rail system displaying paintings at a gallery, sold by Hang Logic, seamlessly integrated into the ceiling for an unobtrusive look.


  • Bunnings Picture Rail: Offers a rail that is more expensive than Hang Logic’s click rail with limited customization and requires separate purchases for fasteners.
  • Hang Logic Rails: Provide a range of options with included fastener kits, suitable for various hanging needs from basic to professional displays. Hang Logic offers more flexibility, better customization, and specific designs for different use cases, such as heavy artwork, integrated lighting, and modern interior aesthetics. (Hang Logic Rail Options)

2.   Quality: Comparison of Warranty, TUV Certification & Country of Manufacture

Hang Logic Rails:

  1. Warranty:
    • Hang Logic Artiteq products come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty ensuring long-term reliability and customer support. (Hang Logic Warranty)
  2. TUV Certification:
    • Hang Logic rails, such as the Click Rail and Click Rail Pro, have TUV certification. This certification indicates that the products have been tested and meet stringent safety and quality standards, providing additional assurance of their durability and performance. (TUV Certification Info)
  3. Origin:
    • Hang Logic’s Artiteq products are manufactured in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for quality and innovation.

Bunnings Picture Rail:

  • Warranty: Limited information on warranty is provided
  • TUV Certification: No mention of TUV certification, which means the product may not have been tested for certain safety and quality standards.
  • Origin: Picture hanging rails sold at Bunnings are manufactured in China
Certification logo for Artiteq picture hanging systems, TÜV NORD and TÜV Nederland QA, emphasizing quality and safety.


  • Bunnings Picture Rail: Limited warranty information and no TUV certification, which might concern customers looking for certified and reliable products.
  • Hang Logic Rails: Offer comprehensive warranties and TUV certification, ensuring high safety and quality standards, making them a more reliable and secure choice for picture hanging systems.

These factors highlight the superior quality assurance and customer protection provided by Hang Logic compared to the more basic offerings from Bunnings.

3.   Picture Rail Aesthetics

Aesthetic Appearance Comparison: Bunnings Picture Rail vs. Artiteq Picture Rails from Hang Logic

Woman admiring a vibrant abstract painting hung using Artiteq Click Rail Pro from Hang Logic.

When it comes to picture hanging systems, the Bunnings Picture Rail offers a basic solution. It has limited options for customization or aesthetic enhancement. This makes it a suitable for clients who are less concerned with blending the rail into their interior decor. The rail comes in one colour (off-white) and one length (2m) only.

In contrast, Hang Logic provides a diverse array of Artiteq Picture Rails that cater to various aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, making them highly customizable.

The Click Rail, available in 2m and 3m lengths, includes a free fastener kit designed for easy installation and can support up to 30kg per meter. It comes in 4 colours: brushed aluminium, warm white, black and cold white. The cold white rail is primed and can be painted to match wall colors, offering a discreet and versatile solution for different interior styles. This rail has a clean and simple design.

For those needing to hang heavier or more valuable artworks, the Click Rail Pro picture rail is an excellent option. Also available in 2m and 3m lengths and including a fastener kit, this rail supports up to 50kg per meter. Its wider profile is designed to conceal the hanging wire’s metal heads, providing a more robust and professional look that suits both residential and commercial spaces.

The Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light picture rail adds another layer of sophistication by incorporating a light fitting, making it ideal for galleries or homes where artwork lighting is desired. Available in the same lengths as other options, this rail not only supports your art but also highlights it, combining functionality with style.

For modern interiors seeking a sleek, built-in look, the Shadowline Rail is tailored for specific lengths to fit masonry or drywall installations. Its built-in picture hanging rails seamlessly integrate with the wall, offering a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic.

The Top Rail, designed for ceiling fixation and available in 2m and 3m lengths, is perfect for spaces where wall fixing is not possible, such as offices or commercial environments. It provides an unobtrusive and clean look, making it ideal for high-ceilinged spaces and modern office environments.

Lastly, the  Artiteq Deco Rail, with its integrated design to blend seamlessly with interior decor, is particularly suited for residential use where aesthetics are paramount. Available in the same lengths as the other Artiteq options, the Deco Rail merges effortlessly with existing decor, providing a seamless and elegant solution for picture hanging in homes.

In summary, while Bunnings Picture Rail offers a basic and functional approach suitable for standard applications, Hang Logic’s range of Artiteq Picture Rails delivers a variety of customizable options. These options cater to upmarket needs and preferences, ensuring there is a perfect solution for every type of interior design and picture hanging requirement, from minimalistic and integrated designs to sophisticated systems with built-in lighting.

4. Ethics: China’s Dumping Practices on Aluminium Products

Definition and Allegations: Dumping occurs when a country exports products at prices lower than their domestic market prices. China has been accused of dumping aluminium products, selling them below production costs, which undermines local industries in importing countries like Australia, the U.S., Canada, and the European Union. (South China Morning Post)

Impact: This practice disrupts global markets, causing local producers to struggle against cheap Chinese imports, leading to job losses and plant closures. It has also escalated trade tensions, resulting in retaliatory measures.

Government Support: China’s aluminium industry benefits from government subsidies and support to state-owned enterprises, allowing them to sustain lower prices compared to market-driven producers in other countries.

Responses: Many affected countries have imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminium to protect their domestic industries. For example, the European Union has imposed tariffs ranging from 19.3% to 46.7% on Chinese aluminium extrusions. Australia has imposed anti-dumping duties on aluminium extrusions imported from China. The rates vary but can be significant, with the aim of countering the impact of products sold at unfairly low prices. (Miningmx)

Busy cargo port with numerous stacked shipping containers and large cranes, reflecting global trade activities.

4.   Price Comparison: Bunnings Picture Rail vs. Hang Logic’s Click Rail

Bunnings Picture Rail:

  1. 2m Aluminium Rail:
    • Rail Price: Approximately $21.30
    • Only one colour – off white
  2. 3m Aluminium Rail:
    No 3m rails available

Hang Logic Click Rail:

Comparing Hang Logic’s click rail, the rail most similar to Bunning’s offering.

  1. 2m white Aluminium Rail + FREE Fastener Kit:
    • Price: $25.97
    • Includes: Free Fastener Kit (no extra cost for clips, screws, plugs and end caps)
    • The rails are available in four colors: white, black, brushed aluminum, and white primer. The white primer is a cold white that you can paint to match your wall.
  2. 3m white Aluminium Rail + FREE Fastener Kit::
    • Price: $38.740
    • Includes: Free Fastener Kit (no extra cost for clips, screws, plugs and end caps), normally sold for $9.25
    • The rails are available in four colors: white, black, brushed aluminum, and white primer. The white primer is a cold white that you can paint to match your wall.

Fastener Kit Explanation:

  • Fastener Kit: A collection of mounting hardware required to attach the picture hanging rail to the wall. It includes:
    • Clips: Used to hold the rail securely against the wall (called ‘click and connects’)
    • Screws: For attaching the clips to the wall.
    • Plugs: Inserted into the wall to hold the screws securely.
    • End Caps: Used to cover the ends of the rail for a finished look.


  • The fastener clips in the Bunnings 2m picture rail are, unfortunately, of substandard quality. They are small and flimsy, providing a less-than-secure hold when the picture rail is attached. As you can see in this image, the Bunnings picture rail tilts forward, and is not securely attached, making it problematic for hanging heavier items.
  • The ArtiTeq fastener clips, aka Click & Connect wall brackets are made of strong plastic, providing a secure grip for the rail. These clips make it incredibly easy to fix the ArtiTeq rail to the wall. Simply mount them using screws and plugs that suit your wall type. For optimal support, fit them every 33 cm along the rail. The rail clicks onto these clips, which can also be used to connect multiple lengths of rail. Then these brackets serve as connectors for joining two rails seamlessly.
  • Hang Logic’s Click Rail: Offers an all-in-one solution with the fastener kit included in the price, ensuring no hidden costs and simplifying the purchasing process.

A.   Consumer Critique on Bunnings’ Picture Rail

Bunnings calls its picture rail :

Gallery @ Home’ 2m White Track Picture Hanging Pack. Consumers have critiqued:

  1. Incompatibility with Standard Frames: The hooks are too large for many standard picture frame hangers, requiring modifications to hang other items properly.
  2. Limited Customization: The track is only available in 2m lengths, and additional end plugs and anchor points are not provided, limiting flexibility.
  3. Pictures Hanging Away from Wall: If the string is too low, pictures can hang away from the wall.
  4. Packaging and Cost Inefficiency: Hooks and hanging wires come in small packs, leading to higher costs and excess packaging. Larger pack sizes would be more efficient.
  5. Instructions for First-Time Use: The instructions are not clear for first-time users, making initial setup challenging.

However…who doesn’t love a trip to Bunnings? I know I sure do. For many Aussies, Bunnings has become the modern-day substitute for a Sunday church. I confess to being a Bunnings afficianado!
All hail Bunnings!

With their incredible product range and super friendly, knowledgeable staff, it’s no wonder we flock there. I’ve heard their employees are well-paid and well-looked-after, which surely adds to the upbeat vibe you get as soon as you step through the doors.

Another confession: I find myself popping in regularly. Bunnings is conveniently on my way to the city, and it’s almost impossible to resist. After all – a business like mine that sends many package interstate needs tape and packing materials. And our showroom loves its regal fresh coat of paint. Our showroom courtyard with its fancy garden also wants regular doses of fertiliser and bright flowers.
However, while Bunnings is a fantastic spot for a bargain and some DIY inspiration, it isn’t necessarily the perfect go-to for top-quality items.

Conclusion: Bunnings Picture Rail vs Hang Logic Artiteq

When selecting a picture hanging system, several key factors should guide your decision: rail options, quality, aesthetics, ethics, price, and consumer critique.

Rail Options: Bunnings Picture Rail offers a basic 2m rail with limited customization and only one type of rail, making it suitable for straightforward hanging needs. Hang Logic’s Artiteq Picture Rails provide a wide range of options, including the Click Rail, Click Rail Pro, Combi Rail Pro Light, Shadowline Rail, Top Rail, and Deco Rail, each designed for specific uses and available in 2m and 3m lengths.

Quality: Bunnings rails lack comprehensive warranty information and TUV certification, raising concerns about their reliability. In contrast, Hang Logic’s Artiteq rails come with a 10-year warranty and TUV certification, ensuring they meet high safety and quality standards. Additionally, Artiteq products are manufactured in the Netherlands, known for its superior craftsmanship.

Aesthetics: Bunnings Picture Rail provides a basic, functional appearance with limited customization, available only in off-white and 2m length. Hang Logic’s Artiteq rails are highly customizable, available in multiple colors and lengths, and designed to blend seamlessly into various interior styles, from modern minimalism to professional gallery settings.

Ethics: Bunnings rails, manufactured in China, are linked to ethical concerns regarding aluminum dumping practices. Hang Logic’s Artiteq rails are produced in the Netherlands, a country not associated with these practices, ensuring ethical and sustaibable manufacturing and supporting fair trade.

Price: Bunnings basic 2m Picture Rail is $4.67 cheaper but enables no customisation.

Consumer Critique: Consumers have noted issues with Bunnings Picture Rail, including incompatibility with standard frames, limited customization, and unclear instructions. Hang Logic’s Artiteq rails receive positive feedback for their flexibility, robust design, and ease of installation, making them a preferred choice for both basic and professional picture hanging needs.

In summary, while Bunnings Picture Rail serves basic needs, Hang Logic’s Artiteq Picture Rails excel in quality, customization, aesthetics, and ethical production, offering a superior and more reliable solution for diverse picture hanging requirements.