It’s no secret that in the world of interior décor, the hanging of indoor plants is really on trend at the moment.

Plants have always been a part of people’s homes, but with the help of social media, plant awareness has really begun to soar.  Now more than ever, people are learning how to optimize their living spaces and are taking their plants up into the air by hanging them.

Not just home owners but also office managers and schools are starting to venture out of their comfort zone to embrace their not-so-green thumbs, getting their hands dirty with potting soil and experimenting with plant life.

This is where a Picture Hanging System can be adapted to open up a whole new world of option – there is nothing to fear and everything to gain!

It can be confusing and overwhelming to know which kind of picture hanging system to buy to hang indoor plants, there are so many different kinds! So, we will look at all of that today, and give you some ideas for getting started with indoor hanging plants.

What is a picture hanging system?

A picture hanging system is an extremely versatile system composed of nylon or stainless-steel cords or hanging wires connected to aluminium rails. The hanging wires can slide across the rail and have hooks attached which allow movement up and down the cord.  Although these hooks are generally used to attach pictures, photos, paintings or other artworks to the rail they are versatile enough to hang other items – such as plants.

What are the advantages of such a system?

Once you have installed the system you can change position of your picture on the wall as many times as you like, or even replace them with other pictures of different size. All you need to do is slide the wires across the picture rail and adjust the hooks to the desired height. You can have infinite configurations for your art displays, at any time, without putting nails in your walls which mean no more patching existing holes each time you need a change, your walls will remain in pristine condition!

So, what if you happen to like more plants than picture for your display? Easy answer: you can install a Plant Hanging System instead.

So, what if you happen to like more plants than picture for your display? Easy answer: you can install a Plant Hanging System instead.

Types of Plant Hanging Systems

Artiteq rails

Depending on your setting, you can choose to have your plants displayed on a wall or even suspended from the ceiling.

Both solutions are possible, as long as you select the right type of rail, hanging wires and hooks.

The Artiteq Click Rail is an aluminum rail designed to be attached to the wall. It can carry up to 30Kg of weight per meter of length, and it’s available in 4 different finishes: white, white primer (paintable), aluminum or black. A heavy-duty version is also available, the Click Rail PRO: this variation can carry up to 50Kg per meter of length.

As for the hanging wires, you can go for the Artiteq Twister in transparent nylon (Perlon). These wires have a metal head that you insert into the rail groove and then twist to lock into position (hence the name twister). This will allow the wire to stay into position while still be able to slide across the rail for optimal positioning of your plants.

How do I make sure I hang my plants at the correct height?

This will be easily achieved by using one of the Artiteq Hooks: they have a manual or automatic grip device that lock them in position and enable them to hold up to 20Kg of weight. You can simply disengage the grip by pressing a button on the top allowing you to slide the hook along the wire and adjust it to the desired height. Release the button and the automatic grip will come into action again, firmly holding the hook and whatever is attached to it in its new position.

Creating a wall display with plants is a fantastic idea that will add class to your indoor space and will definitely amaze your visitors. However, also having your plants suspended from the ceiling is a creative solution, not only for the visual effect but also to optimally divide spaces, such as in offices. Trust me, the final result will look MUCH better than a sterile movable wall.

The Artiteq Micro Grip Hook

How Can You Hang Plants From The Ceiling?

the Artiteq top rail attached to a wooden beam

Simple answer here as well: you can hang plants from the ceiling by using the Artiteq Top Rail. Top Rail is again an aluminum extrusion that is attached to the ceiling beams or concrete ceiling. This rail holds up to 20Kg of weight per meter of length and is available in two color finishes: white or black.

All in all, the components of a plant hanging system are still exactly the same as the picture hanging system, with the difference being you will have a special pot hanging on the hooks rather than a picture.

Not sure where to find the right pot….?

Discover Artiteq Botaniq: The Easiest Way to Hang Indoor (and Outdoor) Plants.

Not all pots are the same. There is no space for compromise when it comes to your house, your office, or your personal space – you only want the best. Create an elegant and eye-catching effect with the Artiteq Botaniq hanging plant pot. The Botaniq has a smooth, rounded shape and is supplied with two transparent hanging wires and two Micro Grip hooks, enabling you to easily hang it at the perfect height from one of the Artiteq’s hanging rails. The Botaniq is available in white and measures 261 x 192 x 121 mm. The plant pot weighs 320 g, but you will be able to hang up to 10kg weight with the standard kit.

Have you got heavier plants to hang? Not a problem, contact the Hang Logic Team today and ask for a heavy-duty kit which will enable you to hang up to 40Kg of weight (depending on type of rail installed).

You can easily integrate Botaniq with a variety of existing pots that you may already hanging at different heights. You may also add further interest to your plant display by combining your plants with your personal memories, photos, artworks.  This is guaranteed to create that personal, one-of-a-kind effect in your interior that you were looking for!

Some Quick Caveats About Hanging Plants!

I know this is super obvious, but plants are still living things. So, a minimum amount of care is still required!

If you’re not prepared for this, then maybe real plants are not for you but you can always consider faux greenery instead. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

A lot of people actually choose to have a mix of real plants and imitation plants in their homes, depending on their living conditions.  You’ll may end up saving money in the long run if you avoid buying plants that will just die because they were placed in inadequately lit rooms or your lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to providing your plants with the care and conditions they need.

The Benefits of Indoor Hanging Plants

Hanging plants on a wall

Improves Air Quality

Everyone knows that trees and plants produce oxygen, clean the air and improve air quality. Indoor plants can also absorb contaminants that may come from outdoors like benzene and formaldehyde which are known carcinogen.

There is literally nothing to not love about that!

Adds Beauty and Texture

Plants are just plain beautiful. Introduce a plant into your room and it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Introduce a range of new textures to your home with hanging plants. You can go for something fuzzy, something spiky, something bushy, something glossy or a combination of any of those things and more. Your imagination is the limit, it all comes down to the look that you are after.

We know that adding texture to your home is one of the many ways to make your home more inviting, so think about what shapes and feelings speak to you and go from there.

Mood Lifting

There have been studies proving that plants reduce stress and help increase overall well-being. There are many psychological benefits to having plants in your home, so if you suffer from depression or anxiety, consider adding some living greenery into your space.


Hanging plants in your indoor space is a fantastic idea. It is a great opportunity to personalize your space, impress your visitors and ultimately benefit your health. The great news is that you can easily and flexibly achieve all this by installing a Plant Hanging System, either outdoor or indoor, and have your plants display on the wall and/or from the ceiling. For the most personalized results, you can also decide to have photos, paintings or sculptures hanging together with your plants!

The beauty of the system is that you may decide to re-arrange your display at any time, all the time that you wish, without damaging your walls/ceilings at all.

Time for an upgrade?

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