Discover why picture rails are a must-have for art lovers. Learn how Hang Logic’s picture rails offer stylish, practical solutions for displaying art without damaging walls. At Hang Logic, we offer a variety of picture rails that cater to every need, making it easier than ever to create stunning art displays in your home. Whether you are a homeowner, architect, government body, business owner, builder, or construction professional, picture rails are the perfect solution for your art hanging needs. Walk through this ultimate guide to picture rails and transform your space into a luxurious art gallery.

Many different pictures hung on a white wall

Picture Rails: What are they ?

What Are Picture Rails?

Picture rails are horizontal mouldings installed along the wall, usually near the ceiling, allowing you to hang pictures and artwork without the need for nails. These rails use hooks and cords, providing a flexible, damage-free way to display your art.

Primary Benefits of Picture Rails

  1. Protect Your Walls: Avoid nail holes and chipped paint. Picture rails keep your walls pristine.
  2. Flexibility in Decor: Easily rearrange your artwork without the hassle of patching holes and repainting.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Picture rails add sophistication and elegance to any room.
Staircase decorated with a collection of framed family photos using Artiteq's hanging system, provided by Hang Logic.

Picture Rails: Practical Installation Tips

Tools Needed

Gather these essential tools before starting:

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Screws and wall anchors
  • Screwdriver
  • Picture rail hooks and cords

Installation Steps

  1. Measure and Mark: Determine the height of your picture rail and mark it on the wall.
  2. Level Up: Ensure your marks are straight using a level.
  3. Drill Holes: Drill pilot holes at regular intervals along the marked line.
  4. Attach the Rail: Secure the picture rail to the wall with screws and wall anchors.
  5. Hang Your Art: Attach hooks to the cords, place them on the rail, and hang your artwork.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Skipping the Level: An uneven rail results in crooked pictures.
  • Ignoring Wall Anchors: Use wall anchors for heavy artwork to ensure the rail stays secure.
  • Overloading the Rail: Avoid hanging items that exceed the weight capacity of your picture rail.

Picture Rails: Creative Ways to Use them

Group your Pictures

Create stunning gallery walls by grouping your art by theme, colour, or frame style. Adjust and rearrange until you find the perfect layout.

Three framed artworks with orange sun motifs hanging on a wall using picture rails
Minimalist Japanese Sun Art Collection

Transform your space with this minimalist Japanese sun art collection. Featuring three framed prints with a cohesive theme of the rising sun and serene landscapes, this set brings a sense of tranquility and elegance to any room. The consistent color palette and stylish frames make it easy to create a harmonious and visually appealing gallery wall.

Vibrant Zebra Canvas Triptych

Create a captivating gallery wall with this vibrant zebra canvas triptych. The bold use of pink, teal, and purple colors adds a modern and striking touch to any space. Grouped together, these panels make a stunning statement piece, perfect for adding a pop of color and artistic flair to your home decor.

Three-panel zebra artwork in vibrant colours hung using picture rails

Rotate your Art to Match the Season

Use the picture hanging rails to switch your art around to match the season or your mood effortlessly. Display vibrant florals in spring, beach scenes in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and cosy winter landscapes during the holidays.

Abstract artwork with gold accents hanging on a wall, between two white chairs.
Winter scene artwork of snow-covered park with lamp posts and trees, hanging on a wall using Artiteq picture rails, available at Hang Logic.
Colourful autumn trees artwork hanging on a wall, above a sofa with cushions.
 Colourful floral artwork hanging on a wall , above a table with potted plant and decor.

Use the Tracks to Display Various Artworks

Picture rails can hold a diverse range of artwork, from posters and photos to paintings and mixed media pieces. Mix and match different types to add texture and interest to your space. For an effortless solution, explore our Poster Snap that clicks your poster in place with ease. Additionally, you can rent stunning art pieces from Art Logic to keep your decor fresh and dynamic.

Large colorful textile artwork hanging on a wall, with an artist standing beside it, smiling and pointing to the piece.
Black and white photo collage in three frames hanging on a wall, above a table with decor items.
Colorful artwork hanging on a wall and hanging bars.

Showcase Your Art Collection on the Tracks

If you have a collection of art or memorabilia, picture rails offer an excellent way to display it. Whether it’s vintage movie posters, travel souvenirs, or family portraits, you can easily hang and rearrange items as your collection grows. This method allows you to keep your displays current and personal, reflecting your evolving tastes and interests.

Collection of framed artworks hanging on a wall along a staircase, showcasing various styles and sizes.
Symmetrical living room with a fireplace, white armchairs, blue ottoman, and decorative mirror above the mantel.

Highlight a Focal Piece on your Picture Hanging Rails

Use picture rails to highlight a single, standout piece of art. This is particularly effective for large, impactful artworks that you want to make the focal point of a room. Hanging a dramatic painting or photograph using picture rails ensures that it remains securely in place while drawing the eye and anchoring the room’s design.

Make Use of the Vertical Space Below your Picture Rails

Make the most of your vertical space by installing picture rails higher up on the wall. This can create the illusion of taller ceilings and add a sense of grandeur to your room. Hang a series of artworks vertically to draw the eye upward and create a dramatic visual effect.

Modern living room with high ceilings, white furniture, abstract wall art, and a large staircase with glass railings.

Picture Rails: Examples and Inspiration

The Art Gallery Look

Transform your living room into a sophisticated art gallery. Use Click Rails to create a dynamic display of your favorite pieces. Mix different frame sizes and styles for a curated look that showcases your personal taste.

Three framed black and white photographs hanging on a wall above a wooden bench with cushions, lit by wall-mounted lamps.
Living room with a gallery wall of various artworks, a beige bench, a large floor lamp, and a black marble fireplace.

Seasonal Refresh

Keep your decor fresh and exciting by rotating artwork seasonally. In the summer, hang bright, beachy prints, and switch to cosy, warm images in the winter. The flexibility of picture rails makes it easy to keep your home looking current.

Bright floral painting hanging above a white sectional sofa with colourful cushions and a glass coffee table with sunflowers.
Rustic living room with a large fireplace, winter scene outside the windows, and a painting of a campfire under a full moon above the mantel.
Abstract painting of cherry blossoms hanging above a beige sofa with floral cushions and a vase of flowers on the coffee table.

Kid-Friendly Spaces

Picture rails aren’t just for grown-up spaces. Use them in children’s rooms to display artwork, posters, and even educational materials. As your child grows, you can easily update the display to match their changing interests and tastes.

Colorful world map tapestry hanging on a wall in a children's playroom with small chairs, a table, and toys.
Young girl reading in an orange chair in front of a cork wall covered with children's artwork and drawings.
Children's reading nook with a world map poster, wooden bookshelves, a cushioned seating area, and rainbow-shaped pillows.

Different Styles and Materials of Picture Rails

Click Rails

The Click Rail system is designed for simplicity and functionality. It’s perfect for homeowners who want an easy-to-install and versatile solution for displaying artwork. With its sleek design, it blends seamlessly into any room. The Click Rail system can be painted to match your wall or ceiling, making it nearly invisible while providing strong support for your art pieces. Ideal for light to medium-weight artworks, this system ensures that your walls remain undamaged. 👉 Discover the Click Rail

ⓘ    Product Sheet
🛠️    Installation Guidelines

Artiteq picture rail system components from Hang Logic, including the rail, mounting hardware, and hanging hooks with dimensions.
Click Rail

The Artiteq Click Rail system, available at Hang Logic, features an easy installation with plug and screw, Click & Connect clips, and stylish end caps. Customize your art display with a variety of hooks to suit your preference, ensuring a secure and elegant way to hang your items.

Gallery display with woven textiles hanging on Artiteq picture rails, wooden pedestals with pottery, and wall shelves with art, available at Hang Logic.

Using the Artiteq Click Rail system from Hang Logic, you can hang a variety of objects, as demonstrated in the image above. Whether it's artwork, textiles, or decorative items, the Click Rail provides a versatile and elegant solution for showcasing your unique displays.

Click Rail Pro

For those who own heavier and larger pieces of art, the Click Rail Pro is the ideal solution. This professional-grade picture rail can support up to 50 kg per meter, making it perfect for substantial artwork. It offers the same sleek design as the standard Click Rail but with added strength and durability. Whether you’re hanging a large canvas or a heavy framed piece, the Click Rail Pro ensures your art stays securely in place.   👉Explore Click Rail Pro

ⓘ   Product Sheet
🛠️   Installation Guidelines

The Artiteq Click Rail Pro picture rail system from Hang Logic, featuring a professional, heavy-duty design, easy installation with Click&Connect clips, and a load capacity of up to 50 kg/m. Available at Hang Logic.
Click Rail Pro

The Artiteq Click Rail Pro system, available at Hang Logic, offers a robust solution for hanging heavier items. Featuring easy installation with plug and screw, Click & Connect clips, and sleek end caps, this system supports various hooks to suit your hanging needs, ensuring both strength and elegance

Modern space with an Artiteq picture rail, featuring a black and white artwork and text highlighting the benefits of the system, available at Hang Logic.

Experience the convenience and strength of the Artiteq Click Rail Pro from Hang Logic. This system installs flush against the ceiling, allowing you to hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily while providing a strong and reliable solution for all your art hanging needs.

Top Rail

The Top Rail system is an excellent choice for homes with recessed ceilings. This rail mounts discreetly along the ceiling, providing a nearly invisible support system for your art. It’s perfect for modern and minimalist interiors, offering a clean and uncluttered look. The Top Rail is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to hang a variety of art pieces and easily change them as desired. 👉 Check Out Top Rail

ⓘ    Product Sheet
🛠️    Installation Guidelines

Artiteq Top Rail picture rail system by Hang Logic mounted on a recessed ceiling, showing an invisible hanging mechanism.
Top Rail

The Artiteq Top Rail from Hang Logic mounts seamlessly to the ceiling, offering an almost invisible way to hang your artwork. You can insert a hanging wire in the rail and use any hooks of your preference for a versatile and elegant display

Hallway with Artiteq picture rails displaying artwork, benches along the walls, and a person sitting, available at Hang Logic.

An example of the Artiteq Top Rail from Hang Logic in use. The ceiling-mounted rail provides a sleek and nearly invisible solution for hanging artwork, allowing for a clean and professional display in public spaces

Combi Rail Pro Light

The Combi Rail Pro Light is a flexible picture hanging system that includes picture lighting. This wall rail has a beautiful, neutral design making it easy to integrate into any room. Thanks to the movable fittings, it is possible to illuminate pictures and other wall decorations with optimal, high-quality lighting. In addition, you can easily change or move art and pictures as often as you like and without damaging the walls thanks to the flexible hanging system. Mounting the rail and installing the power supply is quick (3 steps) and easy without the need for special tools or techniques. This makes it an attractive option for both aesthetics and functionality.  👉 Check Out Combi Rail Pro Light

ⓘ     Product Sheet
🛠️    Installation Guidelines

Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light picture rail system with integrated lighting and hanging wires from Hang Logic.
Combi Rail Pro Light

The Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light from Hang Logic combines picture hanging and lighting in one elegant system. It comes with Click and Connect clips (3 per metre), plugs, screws, and 2 end caps. Perfect for highlighting your artwork, this versatile rail allows you to hang pictures securely while providing focused illumination to enhance your display.

Modern interior with Artiteq picture rail system displaying black and white photos, featuring integrated lighting, available at Hang Logic.

An elegant interior showcasing the Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light from Hang Logic. This system combines picture hanging with integrated lighting, perfect for illuminating and enhancing the beauty of your artwork.

Deco Rail

The Deco Rail combines functionality with elegance. Designed to be hidden behind a decorative cornice, this rail provides all the benefits of a picture rail without altering the appearance of your walls. It’s ideal for those who prefer a high-quality finish and a flexible hanging system. The Deco Rail is perfect for traditional and classic interiors, adding a touch of sophistication to your home décor. 👉 Learn More About Deco Rail

ⓘ     Product Sheet
🛠️    Installation Guidelines

Artiteq Deco Rail system with mounting components and dimensions, showing different hooks for hanging pictures, available at Hang Logic.
Deco Rail

The Artiteq Deco Rail from Hang Logic combines picture hanging with elegant decorative moulding. Mount the Deco Rail with screws and plugs, and complete your hanging with your preferred hanging wires and hooks. The dimensions are illustrated above

Artiteq Deco Rail system installed with a golden picture frame hanging, showing the rail concealed behind cornice molding, available at Hang Logic.

An example of a mirror hung using the Artiteq Deco Rail from Hang Logic. This elegant system supports up to 20kg per metre, combining decorative moulding with secure picture hanging.

Shadowline Masonry Rail

For homes with masonry walls, the Shadowline Masonry Rail is the perfect solution. This innovative rail is integrated into the wall during the building or renovation phase, disappearing into the shadow line next to ceiling panels. It offers all the benefits of a picture rail, including flexibility and protection for your walls, while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. 👉 Discover Shadowline Masonry Rail

ⓘ     Product Sheet
🛠️    Installation sheet

Artiteq Top Rail system with hanging components and installation details, sold by Hang Logic – Australian Artiteq Importer.
Shadowline Masonry Rail

The Artiteq Shadowline Masonry Rail from Hang Logic is designed for masonry walls, offering a clean and integrated look. Mount this rail using screws and plugs, and complete your setup with your choice of hanging wires and hooks. The dimensions are illustrated above

Modern living and dining area with Artiteq picture rail system displaying a large framed artwork, available at Hang Logic.

A stylish living room showcasing a framed artwork hung using the Artiteq Shadowline Masonry Rail from Hang Logic. This system integrates seamlessly with the wall, providing a clean and sophisticated look while securely displaying your art.

Shadowline Drywall Rail

The Shadowline Drywall Rail is designed specifically for plasterboard walls. Like the masonry version, this rail is installed between the walls and ceiling panels, leaving only a discreet shadow line visible. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners looking to keep their walls smooth and clean while enjoying the flexibility of a picture rail system. 👉 Explore Shadowline Drywall Rail

ⓘ     Product Sheet
🛠️    Installation sheet

Artiteq Shadowline Drywall picture rails installation components and dimensions, available at Hang Logic.
Shadowline Drywall Rail

The Artiteq Shadowline Drywall Rail from Hang Logic is designed specifically for drywall installations, providing a seamless and integrated solution for hanging art. Mount this rail with screws and plugs, and complete your setup with preferred hanging wires and hooks. The dimensions are illustrated above.

Modern living and dining area with Artiteq picture rails displaying framed artworks, available at Hang Logic.

A modern living room showcasing artwork hung using the Artiteq Shadowline Drywall Rail from Hang Logic. This system integrates seamlessly with drywall, providing a sleek and minimalist look while securely supporting your art and decorations.

Tips for Choosing the Right Picture Rail

Consider Your Wall Type

When choosing the best picture rail system for your home, the type of walls plays a crucial role. For drywall, Gyprock, plasterboard, masonry, stone, or brick walls, any of the mentioned rails can be safely used. However, it is more convenient to install Shadowline Masonry Rail, Shadowline Drywall Rail, and Deco Rail during the construction of the house rather than after its completion.

Modern living room with concrete walls, abstract art hung on picture rails, and minimalist decor featuring Artiteq products.
Modern living room with abstract art on picture rails, white walls, wood furniture, green plants, and a dog.

Think About the Weight of Your Art

If you have heavier artwork, consider the Click Rail Pro, which can support up to 50 kg per meter. For lighter pieces, the standard Click Rail or Top Rail will suffice.

Artiteq picture rail system with various hooks for hanging artwork, supporting 4kg, 7kg, and 15kg weights, sold by Hang Logic.

Available at hang Logic :

Mini Hook 4kg :

  • 4 kg light weight screw fixed hook suitable for frames less than A4 size
  • Use with 2 mm hanging wires
  • Not to be used in public spaces – OHS risk if not properly tightened.
  • No self-locking mechanism, needs to be thumb tightened

Auto Grip 15 kg :

  • To be used with 2 mm diameter hanging wires
  • Suits both steel and Perlon (transparent nylon) cables
  • Combined with nylon/Perlon lines – maximum weight capacity 15 kg, 30 kg per pair
  • Combined with Stainless-Steel drops – maximum weight capacity 15 kg, 30 kg per pair
  • Locks when released, good for narrow frames

Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

Choose a picture rail that complements your home decor. The Deco Rail is perfect for traditional interiors, while the Top Rail offers a sleek look for modern homes.

Eclectic living room with a variety of framed art on picture rails, neutral furniture, and colorful decor.
Modern dining room with a gallery wall of abstract art and minimalist decor.


Picture rails are more than just a tool for hanging art; they are a game-changer for home decor. With the flexibility to easily change and arrange your artwork, the protection they offer your walls, and their aesthetic appeal, picture rails are an essential addition to any art lover’s home. At Hang Logic, we offer a range of picture rails to suit every need and style. From the versatile Click Rail to the robust Click Rail Pro, the discreet Top Rail, the decorative Combi Rail Pro Light, the elegant Deco Rail, and the innovative Shadowline options for masonry and drywall, we have the perfect solution for you.

Ready to revolutionize your home decor? Visit Hang Logic to explore our full range of picture rails and start creating your dream gallery wall today. Happy hanging!

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