Rental Properties: An Introduction

One of the easiest and best ways to personalise a living space, being this your bedroom or lounge, to make it feel like your home is to hang things up on the wall!

However, when you are putting your property (house, office, retail shop. etc.)  up for rent, it is a different story.

You are looking at ways to make your property look appealing to attract potential tenants.

People tend to value a lot the possibility of personalising their living spaces: they like to hang artworks, photos, sculptures, their children’s paintings, etc. to customise otherwise blank and boring walls.

While this all sounds good and fair, you are probably afraid of the drawbacks that this may lead to possible damage to your walls.

Beautiful art display with click rails by Artiteq
Artiteq Click Rail installed on a concrete wall displaying a large abstract painting, available at Hang Logic.

The Residential Tenancies Act 1995 sets out the general rights and obligations of landlords and tenants in respect of all residential tenancy agreements in South Australia.

The tenant is obliged to not fit any fixtures or make any alterations to the premises (including picture hooks, shelves, and fences) without the landlord’s permission.

You can be restrictive and impose a ban on any sort of alterations in your rental property.  But isn’t this something all landlords are already doing?

The rising cost of properties across Australia has led to ever-growing marketing for rental properties, with several landlords competing to offer the best living space.

Under such conditions, it is essential to find a point of difference from the competitors. And yours may lay right into the possibility of letting your tenants decorate the inner spaces of your rental property.

Let us suggest you an amazing system that will let your tenants have their wall decorated with your peace of mind: a picture hanging system!

Picture Hanging Systems

…Want a better way to hang pictures in a rental property?

If your tenants want to hang a lot of pictures on your walls or they are planning on changing the arrangement from time to time, then you must be absolutely terrorized by having a bunch of holes and patches all over the walls of your rental property.

Then we recommend using a picture hanging system.

Though traditionally used in galleries, picture or art hanging systems are becoming more and more popular in rental properties, offices, schools and private homes. They look clean and smart and are now quite affordable.

Hang Logic supplies different systems:

Type of rails

We can help you to work out what you need. And if you’re not a handyman, we can even recommend a professional art installer who is familiar with installing these systems!

The ArtiTeq system

Fitting an art hanging system into your rental property is easily and quickly done with the Click Rail. Click Rail is a wall-attached system and its one of our absolute best sellers!

In four steps the rail is fastened to the wall:

Step 1: Fastening Clips

Determine the place where Click Rail is to be mounted. If the ceiling is uneven leave a space of approximately 5mm between the clips and the ceiling. This simplifies screwing the clips into the wall and prevents a crooked assembly. Mark the drill holes for the fastening clips Mount a fastening clip every 40cms by means of screws and plugs.  Also, mount a fastening clip on the dividing line of the rails if you want to connect several lengths of rail (The clips are the rail connectors).

click rail connect clips

Step 2: Placing Rail on Clips

Click the rail onto the mounting clips (starting from the top side if the space between the clips and the ceiling allows this.)

Step 3: End Caps and Connectors

Place the end caps (if desired) into the ends of the rail for a neat finish. Place the corner connectors (if desired) into the rail for a connection of lengths in inside as well as outside corners.

Step 4: Hanging Pictures

Finally,  place the desired hanging systems into the click rail.

Tip: For attaching the click rail to a concrete/stone wall standard plugs of 6mm are used. If the click rail is to be mounted to plaster or hollow wall it is advised to use wall-mates.

Hanging Wires and Hooks

Add as many hanging wires as you like to your rail. We recommend Artiteq Twister wires, which you will insert into the rail’s groove and then twist to stably engage the wire into the picture rail.

You can order the Artiteq Twister Hanging Wires:

  • Perlon (clear heavy-duty nylon) or stainless steel
  • Multiple lengths: from 100cm to 500cm
  • Two thicknesses: 1mm or 2mm
  • Load capacities from 5Kg to 20Kg per wire!
hanging wire sets

Use the Artiteq picture hanging hooks to hang your artworks, paintings, and photos at any height. All the hooks are provided with a gripping system that locks the hook at any length along the wire. To disengage the hook, you will simply press a button on its top (or unscrew a tiny screw, depending on versions): this will allow you to adjust the hook at the proper height.

Artiteq rails

The picture rails come in lengths of 2m and 3m and can be easily cut with a manual saw or a drop saw, or even joined: make sure you have one of the plastic clips occurring where two adjacent rails need to be joined and the link will likely be unnoticeable.

You can order Click Rail in brushed aluminium, warm white, or primer white (so you can paint it to match a feature wall).

ArtiTeq – The perfect picture hanging system for rental properties.

As anyone living in a rental property can tell you, renting does not make the house any less of a home – especially when it comes to decorating. Hanging pictures is a great way to personalise the space, ArtiTeq’s picture hanging system is the perfect solution, for both residents and landlords.

ArtiTeq customer, and first-time renter, Kathleen O’Connell, gave us some feedback on the system we installed at her property.

“I’m renting for the first time in a while, so trying to figure out how to hang my artwork without damaging the wall was a huge challenge. Then I found ArtiTeq – the perfect solution! The installation was quick and easy, and well-priced for a high quality, durable hanging option. What’s more important is the painting looks great and my landlord is happy. Highly recommended!”

What makes a new rental property feel less like a temporary dwelling and more like a fully-fledged home than hanging pictures? There is nothing better than being in a home that is decked out with pictures of people and their loved ones. They truly can bring a home to life.

Unfortunately, being able to decorate the walls of a rental property with picture frames and artwork is a luxury few renters ever get to experience. And honestly – it is understandable. Property owners cop a lot of out-of-pocket expenses for little things like chipped walls or peeled off paint.

Click rail display at Kathleen's house

Picture Hanging Systems – ArtiTeq Shadow Line range

Built-in picture hanging system- the Artiteq Art Strip picture hanging rail

After speaking to Kathleen about her needs, we recommended ArtiTeq’s Shadow Line Drywall, our picture hanging hooks and nylon cables. The Shadowline tracks have been designed to sit seamlessly under a traditional plasterboard ceiling. The track is attached to the ceiling beams under the Gyprock, making it unnoticeable once installed.

Everything else works exactly as explained before: you will insert and then twist the hanging wires onto the track, add the picture hanging hooks and attach these to the canvas. Once you have everything connected, simply hold the cables, and slide the picture into position. Once again, Artiteq’s wire gripping technology provides an effortless approach to changing and levelling your artworks or photos, thanks to the automatic clutch mechanism in the picture hook which can be pressed to release and lower the canvas.

Hanging Pictures in a Rental Property: Tips

When hanging pictures, artworks, or photos in your rental property, remember to:

  • Check that the hooks can hold the weight of the frame.
  • For heavier frames or mirrors, you should only use the Artiteq Micro Grips, in combination with 2mm hanging wires. These hooks hold up to 20Kg of weight each!
  • You should always use two hanging wires and hooks per picture, for optimal balancing.
  • Remember to balance the frames with the wall size when hanging pictures. A huge frame in a small space can make the area seem cluttered. A small frame on a large wall will be difficult to see.
  • To avoid fading and damage, particularly to the photographs, try to position the frames away from direct sunlight and avoid places with high humidity.

Hanging Pictures in a Rental Property: Conclusions

When you own a property and you want to put it up for rent, you may want to make it a homely environment for your tenants. Rather than imposing restrictions, you may choose to actually encourage sustainable forms of décor. Picture hanging systems are the ideal solution for any rental property: they will allow your tenants to have their artworks, paintings, and memories displayed on walls and even periodically changed. Once the system is installed once, there is no need for further drillings: everything can be flexibly adjusted by sliding the hanging wires along the rail and/or the hooks along the wires. This means virtually zero damages to your walls and since you are leaving the decoration option open, a potentially greater appeal for your rental property.

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