Art Installer

  • Art Installer: Introduction
  • Why Hire a Professional Art Installer?
  • DIY: Buying a Picture Hanging System
  • Benefits of Installing Your Art Professionally With a Picture Hanging System.
    • Straight and Level Art Mounting
    • Optimal Placing
    • Optimal Lighting
  • Art Installers: What Would They Recommend In Case of Hard to Install Pieces
  • How Long Does It Takes To Install a Picture Hanging System?
  • Art Installers VS DIY: How Much Does It Cost To Install a Picture Hanging System?
  • Tools Required To Install a Picture Hanging System
Art Installer
Combi rail pro light artiteq installed by Hang Logic

Art Installer: Introduction

An art installer handles and installs paintings, photos, prints, posters or sculptures in a museum, a gallery, an office or in a private home. His or her job often involves loading and unloading artwork and delivering it to the venue where it is to be installed.

An art installer must know how to handle art and also how to package the art s/he transports safely, so as not to damage the artwork. S/he also needs to have an understanding of how both the space and the objects around an artwork influence it. S/he needs to be able to take accurate measurements and have basic carpentry skills.

The goal of installing heartcan be anything. From enhancing the environment in which they are placed to drawing attention and focus away from it entirely to other things.  Artists create artwork but how they are installed is of equal importance. They are often intended to not just be  stand-alone pieces but rather something that interacts and exists within its own context.

Afterall, the main centre toward which everything is delivered, for which everything is designed, is the spectator – Ilya Kabakov.

Art Installers: Why Hire a Professional?

Putting art on your walls is an investment. You want to make that money go as far as it can, especially if you just paid a lot of money for the pieces! So, who better than someone with experience and education in fine arts?

A professional art installer will be able to give advice regarding colour scheme, lighting conditions and placement which may not have been considered by those unfamiliar with these principles.

  • Have you just moved into your new home?
  • Do you have some new pieces to add to your collection?
  • Are you unsure about how to best display your pictures?

All of the worries that come with moving into your new home are heightened when you just can’t work out what to hang where.

When it comes to hanging a picture on the wall there are lots of things you need to consider to get it looking just  perfect.

It is an Art Installer’s job to sort through all of the variables in hanging pictures, heavy mirrors, or art. Some things the art installer takes into account are:

  • Materials: there’s nothing worse than having something in your home break because it wasn’t hung up correctly. Therefore, it is always worth taking your time when putting things on your walls. Consider carefully what material they’re made out of before deciding how best to hang them safely.

  • Weights: Hanging too heavy an object for too long without taking care of the design will not only damage your artwork but could also damage items around it (e.g. walls, furniture, etc.) or be a hazard for people! This is why all the loads should be taken into consideration when designing your art display.

Art Installer or DIY: Buying a Picture Hanging System

A professional art installer is someone with the appropriate tools and knowledge to mount your artwork for optimal aesthetic appeal.

But what if there isn’t one in your area?

Say you have the tools, a decent amount of experience (and confidence!) to undertake an installation on your own. Maybe you are wondering: “is there an alternative way to have my paintings and photos and ensure that they are hung professionally and safely?

Well, your picture-hanging dilemmas can be easily solved with a picture hanging system! With such a pre-engineered system, all mathematical calculations have been done beforehand for you. All you have to do is follow the installation instructions and all your pictures and artwork will be securely hung. You’ll never have to worry about smashing a finger or two while hanging up these precious memories again; you can save that stress for more important things like work deadlines!

Benefits of Installing Your Art Professionally With a Picture Hanging System.

1. Straight and Level Art Mounting

If you have ever attempted to mount two or more pieces of art then you know how frustrating it can be. Not only do you need to get the spacing between pieces just right, but you need to get them level with each other and surrounding items.

Can you do these things yourself with hammer and nails, every single time you want to hang or replace a picture?

Maybe – if you’re skilled. And you’ll need plenty of patience and time (and probably a good dose of luck, just in case your walls decide to crack right under your hammer). Why not choose an easier solution and instead install in a picture hanging system.

You get the system installed once, and all the future adjustments/replacements you need on your artwork can be easily performed by just sliding a couple of hanging wires along a picture track, and a couple of picture hangers up and down along the wire. That’s it!

3. Optimal Lighting

The placement of a piece is not the only element to consider when installing art. Lighting has everything to do with how your display will look, and may be something that even you can’t control in your home!

Picture hanging systems are best for a constantly changing display. They are also less expensive than most ceiling lights. With lamps equipped for high brightness, these contemporary accent pieces perform largely as well as their counterparts (ceiling mounted) but offer some key advantages such as easy installation options and future flexibility if desired at any point in time by simply removing it from its rails without disrupting other utilities.

The Combi Rail Pro Light by Artiteq is a flexible picture hanging and lighting system that can be mounted anywhere, thanks to its movable fittings. The neutral design will fit into any room seamlessly while the high-quality light makes for an optimal viewing experience of your favourite artworks.

4. The finishing touch:

For optimal results, installing a P50 shadowline ceiling is often highly recommended by designers and architects. P50 Shadowline refers to the use of a metal juncture that gives a 10mm x 10mm recess between a wall and ceiling, creating a shadow effect. The beauty of a P50 Shadowline ceilings is that it can be used with molded ceilings, helping to create an eye catching yet still clean and minimalist look.

You can achieve the exact same effect with built-in hanging rails. All you will see between the walls and the ceiling is a Shadowline. You can use the Shadowline picture hanging rails in new builds or renovations. Then you’ll have an invisible picture hanging system throughout your entire house.

Built-in picture hanging system- the Artiteq Art Strip picture hanging rail

Art Installers: What Would They Recommend For Hard to Install Pieces?

The logistics of hanging very large or awkwardly shaped items, such as guitars or even very large commemorative flags or sneeze guards, can be very complex. However, Artiteq provides a huge range of mounting hardware that is well suited for your walls. You can attach your artwork on stone walls, brick, concrete, or drywall.

With a picture hanging system in place you can also have fun arranging items of various sizes, shapes, and weights to create gallery walls in your home, office, or business. This includes heavy mirrors and paintings, portrait and print collections, insect collections, prized instruments, impressive diplomas and much more.

Did you know we’ve also hung photo wallpaper and custom printed wall murals with our picture hanging systems?

How Long  Does It Take To Install a Picture Hanging System?

When it comes to estimating how long it takes to professionally install a picture hanging system, there are a number of variables to consider, namely the following 3 key factors:

  • type of walls and their condition: drilling into Gyprock (plasterboard) walls in a brand-new apartment is usually very easy. Brick walls and concrete walls can be more challenging  to work with and may delay the installation.
  • Ceiling height: installing at 2.7m is usually easier and faster than at a higher level, as no scaffolding is usually required. This means there are less delays when moving equipment around.
  • Number and weight of pictures/objects you want to hang.

As a rule of thumb, if you have either a decent amount of experience and appropriate tools, you could easily expect to hang 3 meters of picture rails in less than an hour. To this, you should add the time it takes you to hang your pictures/objects and also to adjust them so they’re just how you’d like them to be.

Art Installers VS DIY: How Much Does It Cost To Install a Picture Hanging System?

Hang Logic is the exclusive importer and installer of ArtiTeq products in South Australia, with numerous clients nationwide, both privates and corporates. According to Hang Logic, the cost of materials usually varies between 15$/m and 25$/m if you are willing to your picture hanging rails on your own. In case you wish to seek the professional advice of one of  Hang Logic’s art installers, costs lie in the range of 35$/m to 50$/m. This can include installation of the picture hanging system and also the hanging of your artworks, if required. However, costs are likely to vary depending on the three key factors discussed above.

Tools Required To Install a Picture Hanging System

What it is required to hang artworks is dependent upon their size, material, shape, and weight. All of that is in relation to the kind of wall upon which they will be hung, such as drywall, stone, brick, or concrete. Many hanging jobs require a level, drill, and hammer.

There is a range of hardware you would expect to use, such as:

  • Screws
  • Wall plugs (plasterboard, masonry or concrete)
  • D-rings
  • hanging wire
  • Hooks

and other helpful items. But you may also need to use stud finders and special hardware, such as a laser level.

At Hang Logic, staff have been professionally handling and installing artwork, mirrors, photographs, and other special projects for more than 10 years. Their experience and skill are now an asset to safely and beautifully hang your artwork, photographs, mirrors, collections, antiques, specialty items, and most anything else you can imagine on your walls.