Hang Logic Picture Hanging Systems

The spread of Covid-19 AKA the Corona virus throughout Australia has led us to ‘self-isolate’ at home. Everywhere throughout the world, governments are ordering citizens to minimise social contact. That also means staying at home. The lucky ones who can have been working from home.

So, what to do with all this spare time within your own 4 walls?

Why not get creative; it’s better than binge-watching Game of Thrones, again (yes, I confess). How about installing a picture having system that will make your home look better and more stylish than you ever imagined without breaking your budget.

Think of all those pictures, photos, paintings and prints you have leaning against the wall or stacked away.

If you’re worried about where to hang them and how to hang them you’re not alone.
Traditional methods using hooks, nails, screws, or adhesives all present the same problems: wall damage and/or inflexibility.

If you want to change your pictures around or if that the new painting you want to hang is a different size you have 2 choices.

1. Create more holes on your wall.
2. Hang your new painting on the old screw.

If the painting is smaller or larger it won’t be hanging at the right height, but you’ll just have to put up with that.

Picture Hanging System Needed
covid-19-superhero to the rescue

Enter our hero for the Covid-19-Era.

It could be you or one of our installers.

Dressing in a superhero costume is an optional extra.

How to hang heavy photos using a picture rail

The Click Rail.
It’s a wall mounted system and hold 30 kg per metre. It comes in 3 colours: off-white, brushed aluminium, and primer. The primer can be painted the same colour as your walls, making it hard to detect. It comes in 200 and 300 cm lengths.

The Click Rail Pro.
It’s the professional version of the click rail. It holds 50 kg per metre and can be installed in both directions. Photo.
With the flange facing upwards you can mount it flush to a square set ceilings. With the flange facing downwards the slider heads of the hanging wires are hidden.

These art tracks are available in primer and brushed aluminium and you can buy them in 2 or 3 metre lengths.

How to hang heavy photos using a picture rail

The Combi Rail Pro Light.
This tracking is unique difference is its flexible lighting system. It’s ideal for art lovers that want to highlight their pictures and create the feel of a traditional art gallery display. These tracks are white and hold 50 kg per metre.

The Contour Rail.
If you have little room and small pictures this picture track is ideal as it’s slimmer than all the others, 12.5 mm thick and tall and will hold 20 kg. It comes in vivid white primer and brushed aluminium.

The Top Rail.
You attach this tracking to your ceiling; to a wooden side recessed ceiling or directly into a concrete ceiling.

All 6 rail types can use our selection of 1 mm and 2 mm hanging wires that are available in Perlon (a form of nylon) and Stainless Steel.

How to hang a heavy mirror using a picture rail
Picture Hanging Systems - Spiderman works from home

These rails combined with the hanging wires and hooks give you full control over how you would like to display your art without damaging your walls.

You can position your pictures anywhere on your wall.  This gives you the means to get creative with what you would like to showcase.

It’s also a fun DIY project that will inspire you to be the super heroes who work from home.