• Introduction
  • What Height Should I Hang a Mirror?
  • The Latest Trend: Bluetooth Mirrors
  • Why Choose Bluetooth Mirrors
  • How About LED Bluetooth Mirrors?
  • How to Hang a Bluetooth Mirror?
  • Conclusions


A mirror is an indispensable piece of furniture in any home. It’s a beautiful, decorative addition to any room. It gives the space a sense of freedom and a sense of being a part of a larger, warm, inviting space.

Hanging a mirror can be tricky, especially if it’s a large, heavy one. But it doesn’t have to be! By using the right tools, products and strategies, you can hang a mirror in just a few minutes without causing damage to your walls. We are going to explain how to do just that by using a picture hanging system.

Bluetooth mirror

What Height Should I Hang a Mirror?

When hanging a mirror, you need to consider several factors. The most fundamental of these is the height of the mirror. The right height to hang a mirror will vary depending on the size of the mirror, the style of the mirror, the style of the wall, and your own height.

You can install a picture hanging system just under the cornice and the picture rail will look like it is part of your cornice. It will look fantastic! You can then mount the mirror on the wall using simple hanging wires and wall hooks and easily adjust the height to best suit the room, and yourself.

The Latest Trend: Bluetooth Mirrors

Bluetooth mirrors are high-tech mirrors that are often requested by as part of a renovation or new build. They are available in a variety of dimensions, shapes, and functionalities. Perhaps you are planning to purchase one, but you are unsure whether it is worth the money you pay?

You are probably wondering about the following:

  • Is it reasonable to purchase a Bluetooth mirror?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How can I hang Bluetooth mirrors?

Let us help you with your questions.

Why Choose Bluetooth Mirrors

Bluetooth mirrors have high-technology options that can make life fun and more convenient. It is decorative, functional, and helpful. If you love music, you can connect your phone to the mirror to listen to your favourite soundtrack. Bluetooth mirrors are also ideal for shaving and applying makeup applications because they often include very good lighting features.

How About LED Bluetooth Mirrors?

An LED Bluetooth Mirror is a Bluetooth mirror that features built-in LED lights. Thanks to LED lighting, you can see your reflection in the mirror while grooming or doing your makeup. The LED lights’ adjustable brightness and colour temperature allow you to see the colours and hues of the cosmetics you are using. Additionally, LED Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are ideal for dark rooms that need additional lighting..

Bluetooth mirrors are often equipped with various features such as magnification and lighting, making them even more functional.

Just like any mirror, a Bluetooth mirror creates the illusion of space and makes an excellent centrepiece for the room. With the many benefits that one can get from a Bluetooth mirror, there is no wonder that a soaring number of customers are choosing it as a decorative feature for their homes.

Let’s find out more about the advantages of this amazing product.

Creates the Illusion of Space

One of the benefits of Bluetooth mirrors is that it creates the same illusion of space as a regular mirror does. If you have a small room and want to make it look larger, you can add a Bluetooth mirror on a wall. You can also hang the mirror in a narrow hallway to make it look spacious. Aside from creating the illusion of space, if you choose a Bluetooth mirror with integrated lighting this may also make the room appear brighter without additional lighting fixtures. By strategically placing the mirror, you can have the mirror reflect light into the room..

A High-Tech Piece of Furniture

Bluetooth mirrors can also make a stunning centrepiece for your room. With their high-tech features, they will surely catch the attention of your guests as well be a source of entertainment! You, or your guests can connect their phones to the mirror so that they can play their favourite music while you are having a party.

Interior Design with Picture hanging system and art display hanging on mirrors
Bluetooth mirror 2

Additional Features

Bluetooth mirrors also offer a range of high-tech features. They may have touch screens for ease of use. wireless connectivity to built-in speakers, and some even have voice-command features. Connect the mirror to a Bluetooth-enabled device and listen to your favourite songs while doing your makeup.

Optimal Lighting

Many Bluetooth mirrors have built-in lighting that allows you to choose from different options available giving you the flexibility to choose the best light for your room, or easily change it to suit your mood. Bluetooth mirrors with LED lights are popular because they are energy-saving so no need to worry about energy bills skyrocketing at the end of the month. Moreover, LED lights are durable and long-lasting compared to other lighting types.

Bluetooth mirrors are also a very cost-effective option for adding light to dark rooms without the cost of installing additional ceiling light fixtures.

Levels of Magnification

Some Bluetooth mirrors also allow you to choose from a range different available magnification level. This is ideal for grooming and makeup application. With the right level of magnification, you can achieve a perfect makeup application, you can even see your brows and avoid over-plucking them. This is also an excellent feature for shaving to avoid nicking your face and to make sure that your face is cleanly shaven.

Is it right for you?

Of course, this is always a personal decision, what is considered a good investment for one person might be a waste of money for someone else.

Think about what you need and decide if a Bluetooth mirror is the best option. If you are after the high-tech features of the mirror because you need it for makeup applications or for playing your favourite music a Bluetooth mirror is a good investment. However, if you only need a mirror to show your reflection and do not need additional features, you should settle for an ordinary mirror.

heavy mirror

How to Hang a Bluetooth Mirror?

Hanging a mirror is a great way to add space and style to a room. However, mirrors are heavy and hanging one on your own can be difficult and dangerous. Luckily, there’s a simple solution – picture hanging systems. These systems use special hooks and loops to hang a mirror safely and efficiently.

The Artiteq hanging systems are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands to the highest quality standards. By using only, the best quality fittings and fixtures, the Artiteq systems guarantee product quality. All working parts are checked for size and shape before assembly to ensure a safe and functioning product. This ensures your hanging artwork will function as intended and look great.

The picture hanging systems work in a modular manner. There are different types of rails; you can choose the picture hanging rail that best suits your needs. Our hanging wires come in extra lengths, 200cm or 300cm.

The other factor to consider is whether your mirror needs to be plugged into a power point or whether it is battery operated.  Depending on your room, and budget, you may want to make sure that your mirror is battery operated.  If the batteries are rechargeable, make sure that there is a power point reasonably close by.


Bluetooth mirrors are a simple way to add high-tech features to your room and make life more functional, enjoyable, and convenient. When you find the right Bluetooth mirror for your home hanging is easy with an Artiteq hanging system.

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