Introduction: Top Picture Hanging Solutions for Residential Aged Care Facilities

Residential care homes are transforming the way our elders live. Their objective is to create spaces that are warm, inviting and familiar.  Cutting-edge picture hanging solutions are a key factor.

Step right into the world of senior living where eldercare is lively and appealing. It’s not just about beds, medication and physical therapy. It’s about creating homes away from homes. Old age homes strive to be familiar and heart-warming.

This article explores the top  picture hanging solutions for residential aged care facilities and how they and art are touching our oldies’ lives. Supplied by Hang Logic , picture hanging solutions for residential care facilities make lives brighter, one artwork at a time.

Superior Art Installation Strategies

It’s brilliant news! Did you know Australians are living longer than ever before? We’re ticking off birthdays and we’re doing it in style. We have better health care, smart nutrition, and some savvy life choices to thank for this.

The life expectancy of Australians has been steadily increasing in recent decades. Both men and women now expected to live on average an estimated 7 years longer than the equivalent estimations in 1965.

Not to mention, the exciting world of General Artificial Intelligence that is round the corner.  This will usher in a whole new era of longevity research and improved diagnosis and treatment. And of course longer lives.

This increased life expectancy means there is an unprecedented demand for aged care facilities – nursing homes, residential care facilities and old age facilities.  Transitioning from your family home to a care facility can be very challenging. Providing a friendly, nurturing environment is key to enhancing the lives of aging Australians.

What’s one great way to do that? Picture hanging systems that let you play musical chairs with your artwork. No nails, no screws, just freedom to move art from the dining room to the lounge, to the hallway, and back!

Hang Logic’s wall-fixed Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light track with lighting in dining area

Why Artiteq? Because Quality Matters when it comes to Top Picture Hanging Solutions for Residential Aged Care Facilities

Here at Hang Logic we sell an array of  picture display options. We source our picture hanging solutions from Artiteq. This manufacturer is based in the Netherlands. Their products come with a 10 yr guarantee and are TUV certified – a quality assurance seal. They pay attention to sustainability as well:  they largely use recycled aluminium for the hanging rails. We at Hang Logic are lucky: we get to import their picture hanging products and sell them Australia-wide.

We’ve noticed that aged care facilities are contacting us prior to construction. They opt to install Artiteq picture hanging rails before residents move in, during the construction phase. Wondering what such art rails are like? They are built-in hanging rails that sit between ceiling and wall. They are invisible, all you see is a  sleek shadowline.

Best Artwork Display Methods for Elder Care Residences: Options, and More Options!

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our art hanging solutions.

Traditional methods of picture hanging require perfect positioning of a nail or hook to display a specific piece of artwork. Who doesn’t hate the holes left from a wrongly placed nails. How annoying is it when several pieces that should be perfectly aligned along the wall just aren’t!

But Hang Logic’s system removes all that uncertainty and frustration. We provide a system of rails, cabling and quick gripping hooks that are securely mounted to your walls or ceiling. Call us on 0432 924 305 or email us [email protected] . We will assist you in determining the best option both for your facility, and for the type of artwork that you’d like to hang.

Artwork display methods can be visible or invisible.  We also offer a solo hanging system.

Picture hanging rails in each individual room of the facility allow residents to individualise their room. They can hang pictures that hold special meaning to them. This may be family photos, diplomas that echo their achievements or paintings, prints or artwork that they love.

Keeping those memories alive with family photos using the Artiteq Click Rail

This is the epitome of enhancing the lives of residents in aged care facilities. It allows residents to be totally comfortable in their space, both relaxed and happy.

After the initial installation of the picture rails, it’s basically set and forget in terms of preparation in between a change of residents. No need to remove old hooks and nails, patch holes and repaint repaired walls before a new resident arrives; they can simply attach their new artwork to the existing hanging system. How easy is that!

Some retirement homes have residents who are talented artists. They exhibit their masterpieces in the home’s corridors using Artiteq’s Click Rail

Senior Citizen’s Home exhibits Residents’ Masterpieces in Home’s Corridors using the Click Rail Pro

Why Bother to Create and Hang Art?

Art is recognised as one of the greatest forms of communication. Visual stimuli triggers pleasure centres within the brain, often associated with personal memories. The benefits of art therapy are well documented.

Seniors Create Art and then hang it using the Info Rail

Creating art evokes powerful emotions that can assist with healing, personal development and enhancement of cognitive abilities. Art inspires self-expression and engagement even when dementia has progressed. Patients recall forgotten memories and express emotions even though their verbal abilities are eroding.

Paintings in the elderly care home’s corridors using Artiteq’s Click Rail

Our Info Rail and Info Rail+ display system is perfect for displaying drawings or paintings. The rail has a triple clamping system so as soon as the artwork is completed you can hang it just by sliding into the picture rail. No framing required. Also no messy blutac, pins or pegs ! These hanging systems  declutter which is an obvious benefit to meeting OHS obligations in aged care facilities.

Some aged care facilities run art classes and use Hang Logic’s Artiteq Info Rail to display the senior citizens’ drawings and sketches.

Displaying Senior Citizens’ art with Hang Logic’s Artiteq Info Rail

Optimal Picture Display Solutions all Year Round

Imagine switching the artwork according to the seasons so that the hallways and common rooms become a complete extension of the outside environment.

In Autumn: let your walls would become ablaze with the golden hues and rich reds of autumn leaves, reminding us of the soft crunch of leaves underfoot.

Hang pictures that let you hear the crunch of Autumn leaves

During Summer: the colours could range from the sun setting as it hits the horizon over a glistening blue ocean, to the soft dusky hues of a warm summers evening.

A painting that captures a summer sunset is wonderful

In Spring: images with beautiful vibrant colours like the first flush of wildflowers, butterflies and the burst of new life.

And Winter?  Think of the image that a winters day creates; rubbing your hands over a warm, comforting fire wrapped in scarf and beanie, or a misty river created by frosty mornings.

Senior Living Residences could regularly rotate their art.  Retirement communities could also  rent artwork to bring in a fresh, current look with each changeover.

Using Art to Celebrate Special Occasions

Traditionally we decorate our homes on special occasions  such as Christmas and Easter.

We love our visions of a winter wonderland despite our Christmas summer heat! Christmas trees dripping with traditional red, green, silver and gold sparkling decorations and strolling reindeers. Seniors can create wreaths during craft sessions.

Hang Objects like Christmas Wreaths from your picture rails with Hooks and Hanging Wires

For those who celebrate Ramadan, their scenes are of intense prayer dressed in traditional clothing, colourful fireworks and nightly feasts after long days of fasting. The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is observed for eight days and nights and is observed by lighting the nine-branched menorah candelabrum nightly, the exchange of gifts such as books and games, and traditional foods such as potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts. No matter what the religion, belief or celebration, these are all powerful images that are sure to create happy memories for the aging residents.

Exceptional Picture Hanging Solutions: Hanging Art Made Easy

Hang Logic’s art installation strategies transform spaces. Check out the difference below.

A before and after photos showing the difference the Hanging System and Art can make

After the initial installation, it’s basically set and forget in terms of preparation in between a change of residents. No need to remove old hooks and nails, patch holes and repaint repaired walls before a new resident arrives; they can simply attach their new artwork to the existing hanging system. How easy is that!

Relax and enjoy the Inspiration art offers

What about the residential aged care facility’s staff?

Adding beautiful pictures also creates a wonderful working environment for the hard working staff. Workers spend many long hours at their workplaces, and anything that improves staff morale is welcome. In the same way as the artwork can have an impact on the wellbeing of residents, appropriately selected pieces can help to reduce stress and energise staff members.

Hang Logic has been providing top picture hanging solutions for residential aged care facilities for 12 years. Whether it’s boosting residents’ quality of life or improving staff morale with beautiful artwork, we’re on it! Contact us at [email protected] or call 0432 924 305. Let’s create some fantastic living spaces together!