What Can You Hang?
Have you ever stopped to consider what you can actually hang in your home or workplace? Of course when we think of artwork, we are naturally drawn to pictures, paintings and prints that we see spread across glossy magazines and mail order catalogues regularly. Here we limit ourselves to the two dimensional framework. Why not go 3-D? Why not hang anything?

We tend to stick to the conventional, but with the equipment that is available to us these days, why restrict ourselves? The options available to us today takes in multiple dimensions, and right at our fingertips we have appropriate hanging systems to enable objects and artwork to be fully appreciated and shine in their own right. With a little imagination we can mount virtually anything as a piece of art.

Hanging Musical Instruments
Musicians and music lovers around the globe know the secret of displaying musical instruments to create interesting, eye catching features in a room. In doing so, the instruments serve a dual function, their primary purpose to provide wonderful melodic notes and create beautiful music, and then to form part of a modern, vintage or eclectic décor.

It is important to show off the instruments you can’t play- otherwise, how would people know?

By using a series of parallel tracks mounted to the ceiling with perlon cables hanging down from them HANG LOGIC can install a hanging system that almost creates on optical illusion, perfect to showcase a group of similar items. An example of this is a collection such as these beautiful brass saxophones. Specially designed hooks and hanging wires allow you to place the instruments anywhere along the cable to create an almost floating effect. Of course there is no need to restrict it to one collection only, you may decide to duplicate the system and showcase a collection of guitars, recorders, ukuleles or even drumsticks!

If you glue yourself to the ceiling, the instruments will be very easy to play.

Perhaps you would like to expand on that theme altogether, and create a whole room dedicated to music and instruments. An Artiteq wall hanging system is mounted to the wall using the Click and Connect system, whereby clips are attached to the wall using a combination of wall screws and plugs, and then the rails are attached to the clips. This system can be placed just below the ceiling. To feature a collection of artwork, you may decide to implement our Combi Rail Pro Light, a wall hanging system with integrated picture lighting.

Hanging Hats

What else can you hang?

Just in case you have to dash off to Buckingham palace, your top hat will be handy.

Also always handy on the second Monday in March if you’re wanting to impress at the Adelaide Cup.

Hanging Shoes

And what could be more useful than a collection of single shoes?

Hanging shoes and people? Always make sure you have permission from an angry mob first.

Hanging Glass

What about that fabulous collection of crystal glasses and vases that you inherited from Grandma? You’ve loved them since you were little, and now you own them, but actually, they’re not the sort of thing you actually use these days.

Have you ever considered using them to create a fabulous centrepiece in your hallway, where the sun strikes through and forms fabulous prisms on the surrounding walls? HANG LOGIC can provide a ceiling fixed hanging system using multiple cables and hooks at differing heights to create a stunning display. It can be installed as a series of solo hanging systems or an integrated rail and hook system that once installed, you can add additional hooks to if you decide to expand on the display, or simply change things around from time to time without ever having to move the framework.

No, your windows don’t have window pox, this is art.

Always attach lights near your hand blown globes lights so your pet flying insects will remain unhurt.

The ceiling hanging system allows these hand-blown globes to be suspended mid-air. They capture the natural elements mimicking rain drops and are like a chandelier: A brilliant example of hanging art and objects in innovative ways.

If you need exercise, imagine how much you’ll get craning your neck to see these.

Hanging Bags

Who, in a moment of secret longing, hasn’t dreamed of a backpack collection? You?

You may choose to be more subtle in the display of your creations, and prefer to use a more invisible hanging system. If you opt for the primer edition of the Artiteq Click Rail system, painted the same colour as the wall, your hanging system virtually disappears! Alternatively we can conceal the hanging system behind your cornice. We offer hooks, made from a number of materials such as high quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass, brass or steel, and if your artwork has a special place in your heart and you are worried about theft we can offer hooks with added security to make removal from the display much more difficult.

For the birds, always be careful to leave something underneath to catch the wooden droppings.

Again, this can be combined with our Combo Rail which has an integrated wall light to create a sleek, modern display. And don’t forget, once your system is installed, you can simply update your artwork at any time, to create a fresh, current look. Two or more pieces of art can be hung, one above the other, on the same cable, and the slender cables glide smoothly along the rail for exact positioning.

Art Rental Display created by Art Logic at BRI Ferrier

No, we don’t mean you should hang a girl on the wall, just the sculptures.

Do you have a promotional campaign coming up and are planning a special launch of a new line or range of products? These clients were looking to promote the new furniture items added to their catalogue, and have chosen to display them as eye-catching artwork. Working with our team, they opted to install the Artiteq hanging system using click and connect plastic studs. These studs hold the hanging rod from which the Perlon wires hang. Hooks were then connected directly to the wires, and then attached to the chairs to create a fabulous 3D display.

Although installed specifically for a product launch, the company now has a strong, durable hanging system that will give them the freedom to create stylish shopfront displays of promotional banners, signs, and new product lines as they are introduced. We all need to find an edge in the market, and implementing a versatile HANG LOGIC Artiteq system just might help you to stand out from the crowd.

They seem very happy with their hanging chairs. You could be too.

In many homes the kitchen is the central hub, where all the action takes place. It’s only natural that “stuff” collects here, kid’s drawings, bills, invitations and grocery lists. Moving on from magnets stuck on the fridge with a pile of paperwork underneath, that regularly falls off, by installing the Info Rail system, you can keep your workspace organised so that everything is in handy reach. Calendars and schedules, appointment reminders, to do lists – they can all be hung easily and are easily removed when they need updating or are ready for the bin!

Are you ready to de-clutter the front of your fridges and display those proud, budding artist’s masterpieces without the ‘yuck’ factor?

The flexible gripper mechanism of the Info Rail is similar to a windshield wiper that grips and holds items, means you can do away with magnets, Blu tack, thumb tacks and tape – which means it safe for the toddlers. And as soon as there’s a new creation – up it goes.

The Info Rail system is also perfect for school classrooms and corridors. The student’s artwork can be hung to dry before being eagerly presented to mums and dads. The rail which is mounted on the wall via the Click and Connect system is easy to install or we can arrange installation for you.

The HANG Logic range of systems is designed in the Netherlands and uses only top quality fittings and fixtures. It only requires initial installation and then you have a long life, strong, reliable hanging system which will enable you years of flexibility. All systems are competitively priced and are very user friendly. They will help to enhance your home or public area with the addition of select pieces of art to beautify and colour your surrounds.

If you are inspired to create a stunning new display in your workplace or shopfront, we aim to provide an individualised solution for every customer. Our modular hook, rail and cable components offer the flexibility to be able to design a hanging system that will allow you to create a unique, eye catching display.

Blindfold someone and get them to walk through these paper mache figures.

The range of cabling systems provide for posters, prints, photos, awards and art, as well as the more spectacular displays of sculptures, 3d artwork, furniture and instruments. Whether you seek in something simple to keep things orderly, or you are looking for an all-out system to create a stunning display, we are just a phone call away. And that is simply music to our ears.

Want some help in knowing how to hang in innovative ways?

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