Richard Oborn from Trinity Gardens in Adelaide, South Australia explains the twofold pleasure of working with Hang Logic.

Firstly he likes people that know their product well and then carry out their work with expertise.

Secondly, the Artiteq picture hanging system was exactly what he and his wife wanted.

They had recently renovated their house, and didn’t want to ruin their pristine walls with a multitude of nasty holes.

They first went to Bunnings to search for what was on offer in their picture hanging section. They didn’t find what they wanted; their selection was limited.

Their next thought was to check out what various art shops had on offer. Eckerleys sold a picture hanging called ‘the Gallery System’. This was more along the lines of what they were looking for but they found the hanging wires in this system that were called tape hangers to wide. They also visited the art shop Art to Art . Although this shop stocked a myriad of  well-priced art related products they did not sell art hanging systems. The next stop was Premier Art Supplies. Again, nothing!

Then they decided to search for a gallery hanging system online. They came across the picture hanging systems manufactured by STAS, that are sold by Picture Rail. This business offers a two year guarantee on their products. The Oborns wanted the hanging wires to be as invisible as possible so there were looking for nylon hanging wires not steel cables. They quite liked the STAS cobra and perlon cord but when they searched a bit further they discovered that Hang Logic offered a better alternative that was cheaper. This was the 1 mm nylon twister cord – their thinking was that 1 mm hanger would be less visible than Picture Rail’s 2mm hanger. Even better, they discovered that the Artiteq picture hanging rail products that Hang Logic sells come with a 10 year guarantee.

The Artiteq picture hanging system Hang logic installed on their walls for them is flexible. With it you can hang pictures at different heights and positions. They wondered whether they should install the Click Rail or the Click Rail Pro. As most of the art they had collected during their travels was light they chose the Click Rail which has a maximum weight bearing of 30 kg per linear metre.

The final result was magnificent. What a joy to be able to beautifully display all the art they had collected over the past 40 years on their walls.