Room dividers: introduction

For most homes in Australia, the idea of space is becoming a luxury. The number of rooms in modern homes is reducing, and the square meters of each space are shrinking. Each family or homeowner has to get inventive in getting the most out of the restricted floor area they’re given. When multiple people live in a home, it’s often a challenge to create personal space for each of them and allow a sense of privacy. However, a few ingenious solutions can solve the issue. A simple room divider works wonders in cordoning off a space in a room and adds personality to your indoor space. You’ll be able to redefine an area to make it more functional.

Room Dividers: What Can They Be Used For?

You can install room dividers to satisfy several requirements, among which:

    • privacy: because all of us like to enjoy our own space when working or simply relaxing and resting
    • acoustic: depending on the material you choose for the screen, you can achieve a considerable reduction of noise level with a room divider
    • thermal efficiency: think about a vast room, e.g., warehouse, shop – no need to heat all, just the admin portion
    • partition of larger spaces to create individual offices
    • covid-19 requirements
Room divider 1
Room divider 2

Room Dividers: A Few Ideas

For DIY room dividers, forget about carpentry and drywall skills. Instead, think smart with easy-to-handle materials, including an electric screwdriver, hot glue gun, rubber hammers etc. For inspiration, use anything: rope license plates, plastic pipes, chicken wire repurposed door pallets, wood vinyl records, metal – anything!

Your imagination is key when it comes time for these creative designs, so don’t be afraid to make some new memories.

Whether it is wooden partitions, upholstered screens or a simple glass wall, the best room divider ideas will create a sense of intimacy, provide privacy, lighten or brighten up a room’s corner even conceal unsightly items around the home.

These flexible fixtures can also serve a transformative ornamental purpose by adding colour, texture and even personality to a space. So, while nothing can replace the actual privacy of your room or a designated section, there are several ways in which a room divider can drastically change the layout of your home or office and even create makeshift rooms without the hassle of a cumbersome renovation.

Room dividers are a quick and practical way to transform any room into something new. They can be used for privacy, separating space, or adding an illusion of square footage in your home with just one purchase! Some don’t take up much floor area, so they won’t interfere with anything you may have gone on around them as other furniture items might do.

Room Dividers: How to DIY By Using a Hanging System?

Artiteq’s Hanging Rails: 

You will make your project come true by using a picture hanging system!

Artiteq is a business based in Tilburg (Netherlands) specialising in manufacturing and worldwide supply of high-quality art hanging systems. All Artiteq’s products are tested and certified by TUV and come with a ten-year guarantee.

These systems are incredibly flexible, and although they are primarily designed to display artworks, paintings, posters, photos, sculptures and even plants, you can also use them to hang your room divider straight from the ceiling.

The Artiteq Rails have specialised hanging hardware such as Nylon or Stainless-Steel hanging wires and Hooks. The hanging cables engage into the rail and can be sled across easily. The hooks slide across the wires and can be adjusted at any length; they have an internal automatic grip device that holds them in position and allows for up to 20Kg of weight to be hung on a single hook!

Art in the workplace

What Type of Rail Should I Yse: Top Rail and Shadowline Drywall

The Top Rail and the Shadowline Drywall are ceiling-fixed rails.

They are to be attached to the ceiling beams of your roof, or if you have a concrete ceiling, straight to the ceiling. Both Shadowline Drywall and Top Rail have a maximum load capacity of 20Kg/m.

These two great products will allow you to realise your room divider(s) by hanging:

    • Curtains
    • Rugs
    • Plexiglass boards
    • Screens
    • Artworks (e.g. Paintings, sculptures, photos, posters)
    • Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Artiteq Shadowline Drywall is the ideal product for building or renovating your home/office/gallery, etc. Once installed, these rails nearly wholly disappear behind the plasterboard, and all you can notice is a thin groove in your ceiling, where you will insert the hanging wire to hang your room divider.

If you have already completed your house’s renovation, or simply you are not planning for one just yet, the Artiteq Top Rail is the product for you. You will install these rails straight on the plasterboard. If you happen to have a concrete ceiling, you will drill into it and use nylon plugs and screws to attach the Top Rail to the ceiling. However, if you have a trussed roof, you will have to use a stud finder to locate the ceiling beams first: that way, you’ll be able to drill past the plasterboard and safely attach the rail to the beams using screws.

Unlike Shadowline Drywall, Top Rail is visible; however, its slim shape and the possibility to order it in white colour make this product still a very discrete and unobtrusive solution, which is guaranteed to amaze your visitors.

Shadowline Drywall by Artiteq, installation scheme
the Artiteq top rail attached to a wooden beam
Room dividers to hang plants

Room Dividers Can Be Used To Hang Plants

 Since being outdoors or having nature nearby is becoming a coveted luxury day by day, the next best option is to add as much greenery as possible around the home or office. Tiny potted plants or flowers not only lighten up a space immediately but also enrich the entire room with their vibrant colours and textures. But, in a small-sized home, placing plants across the house may pose a problem. A simple solution is considering a plant hanging system to use up the available space on the walls and ceiling to hang your favourite plants.

Room Dividers and Colour Palette of Your Rooms

Room dividers will work well for those who prefer a monochrome palette or simply like a minimalist space without mixing excessive amounts of styles. When aiming for uniformity in a room, consider a single colour palette for the entire area or choose hues from a single family of colours. For instance, using polished wood across the space may serve as the central theme in a living room, with a room divider that extends over it, acting as the central point. You might style this with hanging lights in a similar finish across it.

Room Dividers to Display Your Souvenirs

 Room dividers are the perfect flexible furniture pieces for a small-space home. They help divide spaces for privacy and can also double as sectionals to display ornaments, souvenirs, or décor pieces around the house. And, since a room divider with shelves has a lot of open space, it lends a sense of openness to the area, allowing light to filter through it to the rest of the room.

Were you looking to create a cosy space in your living room or create an intimate space in a bedroom you can share with someone else? An excellent idea would be a room divider that serves as a bookshelf: this will carve out an area to read a book in solitude and work as a structure to store all your books.

Room divider 3

Room Dividers to Create a Boundary

 You may have initially designed an open home where most standard rooms, such as the living room, integrate into the dining room. While this may be a good layout to create a more spacious home environment, there may be times when you temporarily want to close off a space of your own or block out any noise. A non-invasive way to add a structural change without any renovations or intensive labour work is by installing a room divider to separate the space. This also works as a fantastic idea for an art studio, loft or single room apartment where you would like to different areas based on usage or themes across the house.


Room dividers are a fantastic idea for optimising your indoor and outdoor margins while adding a touch of personality to your living areas. Several possibilities are at stake, and the rail hanging systems are an original, flexible and budget-friendly solution that can allow you to achieve an aesthetically attractive, practical solution that will last for long.

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