Maureen Oborn speaks about her favourite pictures that she bought in her home country Malaysia.

When she and her husband finally renovated their home, she wanted to hang them. But because she didn’t want to ruin her freshly painted walls with the holes that screws or nails make she never hung them up.

She wanted to hang her artwork just like paintings are hung in a museum or art gallery. She searched for options and came across Hang Logic.she asked them to install a picture hanging system for her.

Their team worked several days from morning to evening. Alltogether the Oborns asked them to install about 70 linear metres of Artiteq picture rails in their house. She liked that they knew what they were doing so didn’t bother her.

Maureen Oborn explains that after they had hang up all of their paintings, they found more empty spaces and more memories from their travels. That’s why they chose to install even more art tracks. So two years after the first round of art tracks they employed Hang Logic to install, she asked them to return to install even more hanging rails.