Everybody knows that the first rule of selling is to attract customers. Your business may have a great range of products but you just need to come up with some more creative ideas to get people to sit up and notice them.

One of the most successful ways of attracting customers is to create really eye catching displays that instantly grab their attention. You are aiming to engage them so that they are drawn closer to get a really good look at what it is you are offering and are encouraged to investigate it further.

Online sales are creating an ever increasing competitive market, and the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend, so retailers need to become savvy in their efforts to entice customers out of the homes and into their shops. Customers will have an experience shopping personally that just can’t be matched by the online stores as they get to see it, feel it, and really determine whether or not the product meets their needs.

By creating a well designed window display it peaks customer interest and can create impulse buying, and if your business is in a high foot traffic area you owe it to yourself to maximise this position to your best advantage. Treat passersby to a display that ignites their imagination or stirs their emotions.

Create New Displays Time and Time again

Hang Logic offers a cabling system that enables retailers to create stunning storefront displays that can be used again and again, limited only by your imagination. Everybody is looking for an edge in the market, and the Artiteq hanging system will help you to create a sleek, modern display that is your gateway to increasing your sales.

Visual balance is key to creating a good shopfront display. Placing larger, heavier objects at the front of the window and then smaller, lighter ones at the back that draws your eye to the whole of the display is a good rule of thumb. So it’s all about layering. A cable hanging system is a series of cables that can be mounted at the back of the display area for hanging posters, clothing, or signage to advertise what it is your business is selling, or depending on the items that you are choosing to display, you may want to install a series of hanging systems so you can create a multidimensional look within a display area.

Intrigue Shoppers with Contrast, Lighting and Colour

Don’t underestimate the power of using your shop display to reinforce the advertising of your product that you have created elsewhere. Your display should use colours and images that reflect the mood and brand of your company. A top shop would use bright happy colours and have a lot going on in their display. A jewellery store may want a more polished, refined look with lots of glass and mirrors. Perhaps you have a website or Facebook page that uses a certain look to advertise your brand or product. Your shopfront display should follow through with that unique look so that people make an immediate connection with the product when they spot your display.

Lighting is also important because your shopfront display is working for you 24/7. The Artiteq Click and Connect system can be installed with the Combi Rail Pro Light to create flattering and appealing shadows and accents to showcase your products. Businesses tend to create a focal point within their display, often the latest products in their range, and strategically placed lighting will draw your customer’s eye to that focus, so it’s an important investment.

Impress Potential Buyers with Stunning Displays
The versatility of the hanging systems will be of greatest appeal to any business. They allow you to change your display time and time again, as once the initial installation of the hanging system takes place, it’s simply a matter of placing your products anywhere on the cables to change up your display. Items can be hung singularly or multiple items can be placed on the one cable. Once secured to the wall or ceiling, you will never need another nail or screw again.

Another popular window display these days is in real estate offices, and using a Hang Logic Presentation System it’s so easy to update the display by simply replacing the pictures of homes that have been sold with new additions to the market. Similarly, prime properties can be placed in the key focal area of the display as older, slow moving properties can be moved to the outer areas of the display, all with a simple changeover of a few clips using the Info Rail and Info Rail + display system.

The Importance of Rotating your Display

No business should underestimate the importance of keeping their display fresh and up to date. By regularly updating your window designs people will take notice and pay more attention to your displays. You don’t want customers to become accustomed to looking at the same old display as it fails to hold their interest, and they are ultimately drawn to the newer, shinier look down the road which results in a drop in sales for your business.

Monthly updates to displays are ideal, but that doesn’t have to be the catalyst for changeover. You may decide to make the change with the launch of a new product or range of products, or seasonal changes to displays may be the most appropriate time to promote your products. Whatever it is that continues to captivate your audience and encourage more sales. You may find that your shopfront displays become such a talking point and attract so many customers that your shop doesn’t have to do any other advertising!

Which Display System is best for you?

Of course, once you’ve sparked their curiosity and enticed your customer inside, you have another whole new opportunity to tickle their senses. They say that merchants only have 2.5 seconds to grab a shoppers attention, so instore displays encourage shoppers to linger a while longer. So here it’s all about creating atmosphere, perhaps some music, lighting and pleasing artwork. You have already established the look and feel of your product or brand that you are trying to portray to the customer through your advertising and your shopfront display, so you need to keep that mood going once you step instore. The Artiteq picture hanging system includes a rail that you mount to a wall or ceiling that can be invisible or using sleek steel hanging wires to create a more industrial look. You can repeat signage and display items throughout the store to reflect the look of your shop window, and when it’s time to change your look you can cleverly just create new displays by moving some of the same items between your window and indoor displays with a few new products added to make it look fresh and current.

Our Display It Economy system uses a series of acrylic frames that can be mounted and adjusted to the desired height. It enables you to create a sleek photo wall combining frames of different sizes, and photos can be changed in an instant. The system can be mounted directly to the wall or hung from one of our flexible picture hanging systems.

Our Click Rail system is a flexible hanging system that can be easily integrated into any space, and combined with the various hanging hooks can be used to hang display items such as banners and posters, artwork, clothing or a display of items such as chairs or instruments. The system provides great flexibility, is strong and stable, and enables quick changeover of displays which is cost effective for the business.

So regardless of whether yours is a high end fashion store with an ever changing range of stock, or a well established business with tried and true products, every business needs to apply these marketing tools to achieve and improve sales targets. You need to be noticed, and our flexible hanging systems will allow you to achieve this time and time again with a minimum of effort.

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