Hanging Business Certificates and Diplomas

Are those Business certificates you slaved away for suffering neglect? Hidden, as if shameful, in some bottom drawer? They yearn to be free, on display and admired by all, and Hang Logic can help you make it happen.

How is the world going to know how many qualifications, skills and bureaucratic hoops you’ve jumped through, without your precious parchment displayed for all to admire. Yet hanging them is so tedious and involves drilling many an ugly hole in walls; an act that will make your landlord’s head explode.

We can rescue your beloved qualifications from obscurity with a hanging system that can also be used to hang paintings, prints, photos, documents / certificates and even chairs.

Hanging Chairs at “the table and chair co” using our Artiteq hanging system

We’ve researched the hanging systems on offer in the market ad infinitum and have tried many a different brand. The Artiteq one comes out top in our price/quality analysis.

How does it work?

  1. Plastic studs are installed at the very top of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling. We call these plastic studs click and connects, because the hanging rod from which the perlon wires hang from is clicked onto these plastic studs and then after some gentle hammering the rod connects to the wall.
  2. The rods are clicked on to the ‘click and connects’.
  3. The perlon or steel hanging wires are twisted in to the rods.
    Hooks are attached to the hanging wires.
  4. The D hooks on the back framed documents are attached to the hooks.And hey presto, it’s done.‘Nocelle Foods’ Hanging System Displays 15 Business CertificatesWe’ve just hung 15 Business certificates in Nocelle Foods reception area…and there are more to come.